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Halloween Costumes Based on Stranger Things


It’s Spooky Season, ghouls! You know what that means: Halloween is approaching, and you need to pick something to wear on the special night. If you’re looking for something that’ll get people talking, a Stranger Things-themed outfit will do just that. Anyone who sees you will want to talk about that post-credits scene (and cry over sweet, sweet Alexei). Here’s a list of some Hawkins-centric costume ideas that you can try!

(P.S. Everyone loves a sequel!)



Why not dress as the coolest character on the show? Eleven served looks through the whole season, and you can decide if you want to wear a funky, dizzying romper or an I’m-about-to-kill-a-Mindflayer look. Or, if you want to keep it classic, a pale, pink dress, blonde wig, and Eggos is always a good choice.

Will the Wise

Will someone—anyone—play D&D with Will Byers? If you want to wield the powers of strong hero Will the Wise, find a bright purple wizard’s cloak and a tall, pointed hat. Bonus points if you can include the staff (and have two friends follow you around all night complaining about romance troubles). All Hail Will the Wise!

“Will the Wise” Gif courtesy of Netflix.

Steve or Robin

Ahoy! Would you like a U.S.S. Butterscotch? No? What about an adorable, nautical-themed Halloween costume to channel your inner sailor? I, myself, am going as Robin for Halloween because I think the Scoops Ahoy uniforms are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I never had to wear an embarrassing costume for a job, and, although I consider myself lucky in that regard, I would’ve loved slinging ice cream alongside Steve Harrington while wearing a navy blue and white romper. Bonus points if you and a group of friends go as the whole Scoops Troop—Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica. Together, you can conquer the world (and Starcourt Mall).


Pour out a cherry slushie for our favorite scientist, Alexei. He helped Hopper, Murray, and Joyce figure out what the Russian spies were up to and loved Looney Tunes more than I thought humanly possible. If you want to dress as him, big glasses, a white button-up, and a slushie are a must. Carry around a Woody the Woodpecker toy if you have one and learn a few words in Russian if you’ve got the time.

Gif courtesy of phantom-evil on Tumblr.


It’s not too late to make that date at Enzo’s. To dress as Hopper, wear the most obnoxious floral-print shirt you can find and procure a mustache worthy of Tom Selleck. Don’t forget to yell a lot, stomp around, and kick ass. (Also don’t forget to remind Eleven to keep the door open three inches. Excuse me while I cry in the corner for a while.)

Gif courtesy of Giphy and Netflix.

Flayed Billy or Flayed Heather

Want to get really spooky? Go as one of the flayed lifeguards. Use makeup to draw black veins on your arms and face and make yourself look sweaty and gaunt. Mumble about fertilizer for a little while and follow your friends like zombies. You’ll look even creepier doing all this with a bright red lifeguard fanny pack on your hip.

Gif courtesy of Giphy and Netflix.

BONUS: Get your pet in on the fun!

Dustin’s not the only one with a creepy pet. Give your dog, cat, or hamster a demodog makeover for an adorable Halloween photoshoot!

Photo courtesy of MikeShouts.com.

#StayStrange and #StaySpooky!

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