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Greek Week 2014

Photo provided by UNCW

For those of you not in Greek Life, “Greek Week” is a week-long “celebration” for active participants in the Greek Community. At UNCW, 28 Greek organizations participate. These Greek organizations are grouped into 8-9 teams to compete against one another.

Each year there is a theme that is selected in which Greek members must use throughout the week in order to gain spirit and creativity points to add to their total score. This year’s theme was the Olympics, or realistically, just an excuse for Greek members to make another t-shirt.  Believe it or not, there is actually an event for that! Throughout the week there a tally system determines which organizations can earn points, depending on their placement in previous events.

Starting on Sunday, Mar. 16, Greek members participated in the “Greek Games.” An event where teams competed in multiple tournaments including, volleyball, a decathlon and tug of war. The event schedule for later that week included a beach sweep (canceled due to weather), Family Feud, Moe’s day (where each team had to buy $5 of Moe’s and tally up the receipts for points) and a guest speaker who had been a Greek member herself when she was in college.

Finally on the last day of the “Celebration,” “Greek Week” ends with the most popular event, a talent show. Each team is to perform a skit that has to do with the theme, the Olympics and their chosen country. These skits are 15 minutes long and include a variety of dancing and a dialog. Those who participate in the talent show have been working on their routines all month. All are welcome to come cheer on the Greek Members of UNCW.

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