Gideon Amelkin, Aspiring Entrepreneur

Name: Gideon Amelkin

Age: 22

Major: Business with a Marketing concentration

Year: Senior, graduating May 2015

Hometown: Moorseville, NC

Senior, Gideon Amelkin is determined to follow his dreams in the marketing arena. You can find him working hard in class, planning events on campus and in the community, or  even serving up delicious food at Chili's, where he has worked for the past four years. Sure, he's a popular guy. Gideon uses his large network to make things happen for the good of others - and to help his fellow classmates have a good time. He stands as an exemplary student, so read on to find out what exactly makes him an awesome pick for this week's campus celeb! And hey, don't miss his tips on time management!

University Experiences

HC: Tell us about your role in the fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE).

GA: I’m the Vice President of Marketing for the Delta Tau Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon, UNCW’s marketing and selling fraternity. As the VP, I oversee all community outreach and Cameron School of Business gear and merchandise. I also serve as a mentor to younger students.

In addition to his leadership role, Gideon acts as an advisor to the president of UNCW’S student spirit organization, The Screamin’ Seahawks, of which he is the former treasurer.

HC: We’ve heard about the Dance Marathon that hosted annually by PSE, tell us more.

GA: This year’s event will benefit the Betty H. Cameron Children’s Hospital. It is a national event, but we didn’t have it in Wilmington until 2013, when Michelle Montpetit started our UNCW tradition. The organization raised over $15,000 over the past two years, and the money we raised was used to help fund the construction of the first Hospitality House in Wilmington. There, a room was built in our name because of our financial contributions.


You can be a part of the cause by attending the third annual dance marathon – mark your calendars for March 21st! The fundraising event has DJs, performances, t-shirts, games, food, and dancing, of course. Can’t attend? Give here.

HC: What sets you apart from other students?

GA: I would say that failure in my life has allowed me to grow. Now, getting turned down from something doesn’t scare me away.

Gideon has encountered many opportunities he attributes to his confidence to simply try things and not being held back by the possibility of rejection.

HC: What advice do you have for students?

GA: I believe that failure isn’t failure unless you give up. I have my parents to thank, for always motivating me to ‘Go for it’. I was encouraged to be independent.

HC: Do you have any favorite professors or mentors whom you regard as exceptionally inspirational?

GA: My Freshman Advisor when I was president of Galloway Hall, Chris Faulkner definitely taught me a lot about event planning, and helped me improve my perspective.

 I also admire my mentor Chuck Whitlock. He taught me that to have a successful event, everyone involved must benefit.

HC: It’s often difficult to manage extracurriculars with coursework. What are some ways you manage your time?

GA: In order to make things happen, I have to know my priorities. I like to be proactive rather than procrastinate, because I don’t work well under stress.

When it comes to school, constantly updating your planner is a must. I make a lot of to-do lists, and I have a rule to never stay in the library after dark. During exams and finals week, I usually get to kick back and relax at my house, because I have been steadily preparing all along.

In addition to his involvement with the university, Gideon plans and promotes events in the Wilmington area.


HC: What are some events that you’ve managed in the past?

GA: Freshman year, I planned JUMP music festival and in 2014, I planned Dream Pitch, an on-campus entrepreneurial presentation event.

At Ziggy’s by the Sea downtown, Gideon has planned several live music events, complete with pre-parties, discount tickets, and transportation to and from the venue via trolley busses. For these events, he utilizes tools like Facebook and club texting to reach the campus population, as well as face-to-face promotion and developing street teams.

He attributes the success of these events to, “using [his] network along with the band’s die-hard fans paired with steady promotions. One major challenge was getting students out of their comfort zone and into downtown.”

A particularly popular event Gideon planned at Ziggy's was a Halloween costume party in October, 2014, featuring the bands Greenhouse and The Collective Dialect.

HC: Any current projects?

GA: Since 2008, I have worked with Carter Mega Lab (Don Carter) and we have established Wilmington’s first Rap Battle League. We started in the parking lot of Chili’s and now are officially have an indoor venue, Cardinal Bands & Billiards.

The first rap battle of the year is to be held on January 28th. Find more info on Facebook.

Looking Forward

HC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

GA: I’d like to be working alongside a mainstream promotion company, like for ULTRA Music Festival. Basically anything where I can do what I love every day and still have a real job.

HC: What did you want to be as a child?

GA: I feel like I’ve always wanted to be a millionaire. Not for the money – but for the achievement. Just to say I’ve made a million dollars.


More power to you Gideon! We wish you the best with all of your projects, and congratulate you on the upcoming graduation!


Photos: courtesy of Gideon Amelkin