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Finals-Friendly Ways to Use Summer’s Eve Coconut Water Cleansing Cloths

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Okay, so. 

Summer’s Eve sent us some samples of their new “Simply…” line, cleansing cloths for your lady bits that are infused with coconut water and supposed to be super gentle.

I’m a firm believer that the vagina can clean itself (because it does, because science), so I don’t use wipes like this or anything else other than unscented soap and warm water to clean up. As writers for Her Campus, we’re definitely not obligated to personally try or to say we like the products we’re sent, but we are required to review them, so here we go! If you’re wary of using them for their intended purpose, I thought up six different ways to use these wipes during finals week that don’t involve possibly hurting your pH balance. 

1. Clean Up Under Your Eyes

Even if you think you got all of your mascara off before heading to the library to study, hours of staring at a screen or white textbook pages under bright lighting can cause your eyes to water and those little raccoon-esque smudges to appear under your lower lashes. Wipe them away with one of these cute little cloths, and enjoy the coconut scent–it’s like being somewhere tropical instead of indoors, right? 

2. Use Them to Dry Tears

During finals week, sometimes a good stress-cry before a test is more beneficial than studying for five more minutes. Bawl it out, then employ a Summer’s Eve cloth to cool and refresh your face and get ready to kick that final’s ass. 

3. Get Ink Off of Your Hands

This is a tip mostly for left-handed students, since you guys are more likely to get ink and pencil lead all over the side of your hands, but it can apply to right-handed folks as well. While the ink is still fresh, you can use one of these wipes to remove it. 

4. Clean the Community Whiteboard

You know those big rolling whiteboards in the library? If you’ve been using one to study and can’t find an eraser, whip out one of these cloths and wipe the board down with it before you leave your study area. Nobody likes having to erase someone else’s molecular biology diagrams before drawing their own. 

5. Tidy Up Your Keyboard

If you’ve been hard at work in preparation for finals week, your laptop keyboard is probably dirty, even if it doesn’t look bad. You can carefully wipe your keys and the spaces between with one of these cleansing cloths, and even swipe it across your screen to remove dust and fingerprints. 

6. Eliminate Stress Sweat

Oral exam for Spanish? Presentation in front of your entire class? No problem. Before your turn, dab one of these cloths over any areas where you tend to sweat when you’re stressed, like your hands, your upper lip, and the back of your neck. When it’s time to stand up and present or sit down and start answering questions in a foreign language, you’ll smell and feel fresh af.  

Photos, including thumbnail, courtesy of Summer’s Eve.

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Olivia is a senior at UNCW, majoring in Creative Writing. She enjoys color coding all things possible and hanging string lights year-round.
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