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Ethically Correct Clothing Brands v.s. Fast Fashion

Why Shop Ethically?

When it comes to changing the world, one might not think of fashion as the best way to start. Clothing is something that every human being interacts with, and in turn can be a major solution to the problems the world faces when ethically produced.

Fair Trade

All clothing made ethically is fair trade. Fair trade and ethical fashion are principles related to the more specific details of how pieces of clothing are made and produced. Ultimately, slow and ethically made fashion works to produce higher quality and more expensive fashions that last longer. Fair trade focuses on the wellbeing and prosperity of the company’s workers as well, eliminating unfair treatment like sweatshops and low pay rates. Ethical clothing companies pay attention to make sure that their workers have reasonable hours, good health benefits and fair wages.

One of a Kind

All clothing made by ethical companies is unique, and made well. By eliminating mass production, ethical clothing companies pay close attention to the quality of their brand, ensuring that what their consumers are buying is of premium quality.

Good for You

On that similar note, fair trade clothing is also better for the individual wearing it as well. All ethical clothing companies use materials that are free from carcinogens and other toxic chemicals that can harm the human body.

Supports the Environment

Ethically made clothing supports the environment. Clothing that is ethically made can contribute to sustainability by using practices that exclude waste disposal, water runoff, chemical use, GMOs, waste and energy usage.

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Examples of ethical clothing brands that you can feel good about supporting:


  1. Patagonia

    1. Based in California
    2. Fair Trade Certified collections, organic cotton, environmental sustainability
  2. Boden

    1. Based in London, UK
    2. Fair trade apparel, sustainable cotton, eco-friendly practices, ethical supply chain, gives back
  3. Reformation

    1. Based in California
    2. Made in the USA, sustainable fabrics, purchases carbon offsets, living wages, inclusive sizing
  4. Levi’s

    1. Based in California

    2. Ethically produced, sustainable practices, give back
  5. Eileen Fisher

    1. Based in New York

    2.  Fair Trade Certified collections, sustainable materials & practices, inclusive sizes
  6. [bf_image id="w9q4n3qpvp3b4tfqhrfb5gg7"]
  7. Pact

    1. Based in Colorado

    2. Fair Trade Certified, organic cotton, B Corp
  8. Able

    1. Based in Tennessee
    2. Female artisan-made in Peru, fair labor practices, B Corp
  9. Vetta

    1. Based in USA

    2. Made in the USA, sustainable materials, ethical production practices, recycled packaging
  10. Fair Trade Winds

    1. Based in USA

    2. Fair Trade Federation member
  11. Encircled

    1. Based in Toronto
    2. Ethical production, eco-conscious fabrics, upcycling, small batch production
    3. [bf_image id="qb9a3b-c4op7s-9qsgjd"]


Though changing what we chose to wear may not alter the state of the world completely, it plays a big role in society and what our world looks like today, and in the future. So next time your mouse is over the “Confirm Order” button on your Shein order, take a minute to reflect on how you could improve the way you shop.

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