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I am sad to write that this is my final article for the Her Campus chapter at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I will be graduating December 15th, 2018 with a degree in Communication Studies. I am excited yet nervous about what is to come in my life and I am blessed that I had the opportunity to succeed at this university. I have created many wonderful memories here and I am ready to end this chapter of my life and start a new one. As I prepare to graduate, I am actively looking for a job. I am very shocked that I am getting a lot of callbacks for interviews; I am optimistic that I will find a job post-graduation.

I think my most memorable year here has been my senior year. On September 12th, 2018, Wilmington, NC was hit with a category one hurricane named Hurricane Florence. Due to the damages of the city and the college, we were out of school for an entire month. I was one of the fortunate ones to have minimal damage to my apartment. When we arrived back to school, it was crunch time. We had to cram sixteen weeks of projects, tests and assignments into a two-month time period. At times, it was incredibly stressful, but my classmates and I managed to get through it. The day we officially came back to school and now has flown by so fast.

I was a transfer student when I first arrived at UNCW. Before I moved to Wilmington, I lived in Raleigh, NC where I was attending the local community college. During spring break, my friends and I came down to the beach. At that time, I was looking at universities to transfer to. I was looking at NC State and even App State. As we drove into Wilmington, we passed UNCW. I thought to myself, “Hey, it would be pretty cool to go to school near the beach!” We drove through the school and I had my friend stop near the Sammy Seahawk statue. I knew that I had to come to school here. I officially moved to Wilmington in August 2015.


This picture was taken the day after I found out I was accepted at UNCW.


When I moved down here, I didn’t know a soul. I basically packed my bags and started over, which was something I needed. Being away from my family and friends taught me how to grow up quickly and to be independent. I think moving to Wilmington was one of the best decisions I have made. I learned life lessons living down here and I think living on my own has made me a better person.

When I arrived at UNCW, I was very intimidated. I wanted to have the full college experience while attending school, which meant being involved. I began being involved with the Communication Studies Department and was able to complete many internships along the way. During a fall semester involvement fair, I saw Her Campus’s pink table set up. I didn’t know what Her Campus was at first and after talking to one of the girls, I thought it was a very interesting club and I decided to apply. I was very thrilled when I heard that my application was accepted. Her Campus has been such a wonderful experience and I am very sad to leave. I have met the sweetest and kindest souls while being in Her Campus. I also found a hidden love: writing. I really enjoyed writing for Her Campus and inspiring college-aged females.

As I write my final thoughts, I would like to thank UNCW, Her Campus and the Communication Studies Department for making me into the strong, determined woman I am today. I am very blessed and honored to be officially graduating with my bachelor’s degree and to start my new journey. I will miss all my professors and this university dearly but this little Seahawk is ready to soar. Goodbye UNCW. Discere Aude!


Taylor Winch




“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh


{Photos courtesy of Taylor Winch & gif courtesy of Giphy)

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