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Election Day As Told by “Friends”

On Nov. 6, 2018, millions of citizens across the country came together to cast their votes for the midterm elections. Regardless of your political affiliation, election day can be somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster: the thrill of fulfilling your civic duty by voting, the anticipation of waiting to see if your candidate will be elected, and finally, the inevitable elation or devastation that comes when the winners have been announced. Whether you’re a democrat or a republican (or neither), the typical election day experience provides for an emotional 24 hours.

That being said, who better to chronicle the ups and downs of this momentous day in our country than the beloved characters of “Friends?” Therefore, I present to you election day as told by your favorite bunch of quirky pals (and Ross). 

When you roll up to the polls, ready to exercise your constitutional right to vote

Whether it’s your first time voting or your tenth, there’s no denying the sense of pride that comes with handing in your ballot. Yay, politics!

When you walk by the multitude of campaigners trying to sway you outside the polling station

Either you know who you’re voting for, or you’re going to wing it. There is no in between. Just point me to the polls, people!

When you and your friends gather ‘round the television, prepping for the imminent emotional turmoil of the night

No matter what your political stance, you’re going to need support for this. Who better to face the unknown future of our nation with than your best buds? Sit down, grab some snacks and get ready for a wild night

When things are looking up and then…oh no

Your candidates are up in the polls! Life is good! Maybe America isn’t going downhill! Wait—who did they say was the winner? Oh God…

When things take a turn for the worse

Okay, so maybe you were a little too optimistic in the beginning. Things might be looking bad now, but everything’s fine, right? I’m fine!!!

When you finally realize things are probably not going to turn out how you wanted

This is what life is going to be like from now on, isn’t it?

When you contemplate fleeing the country

Switzerland is nice, right?

And lastly, when the election is over and you’re cranky because you’ve just spent five hours in front of the television to end up (at least) mildly disappointed.

Well, you win some, you lose some, right? Until next time, America!

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Elena is a friendly senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is currently majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Spanish. When she's not in class or napping, you can catch Elena working out at the gym, binge-watching medical dramas, or indulging her caffeine addiction at a local coffee shop.
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