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Dress To Impress: Interview Style

So you checked your bank account and you currently have $7.08 in your account. Yeah, I know the feeling. But how can I make money without having to actually do anything? Well, unless your one of those lucky people who gets to be paid to watch Netflix, I have an idea. Get a job! Once you land the interview for the job, the question becomes what to wear? Well, here are five easy tips to help you style the perfect interview ensemble!


1. Be Conservative. 

Even if your style is more “out there” and “hipster,” keep it contained for this hour interview. While you want to stay true to your style, make sure it’s appropriate. Wearing leggings and a shirt is not the way to impress someone. Borrow a friend’s pencil skirt and nice top if need be. Just try to keep the neckline above the chest and the skirt below or a little above the knee. 


2. Try to avoid jeans. 

While some jobs can be more laid back than others, it’s a rule of thumb to never wear jeans for an interview. This is a company’s first chance to look at you and see if you are qualified for the job. This means you want your best foot forward. When you wear jeans, it can come off to professionals that you slack on your wardrobe and, therefore, slack on your work. Just a food for thought. However, if you do wear jeans pair them with some nice shoes or heels. 


3. Keep it neutral.

I would stick with colors like navy, certain shades of blue, black, nude, or brown. When someone where’s a bright yellow or neon shirt into an interview it can be a bit distracting. However, this depends on personal style, so if you love a certain bright shirt just think twice before wearing it to your potential future job. 


4. Shopping

If you don’t have at least one pair of professional slacks, a suitable pencil skirt, or a conservative dress, I advise you add one of these items to your wardrobe. Let’s face it, at one point or another you’re going to want to get a job. Going to Banana Republic, J Crew, or any department store during a sale is a great idea. You can get a nice, quality, professional outfit for less, and trust me, it will be worth it. Plus, a lot of them are super cute!


5. Be comfortable.

If you want to rock a pair of nude of black heels, go for it! But just make sure you know how to walk in them. I don’t think tripping and busting your butt will impress them….who knows, maybe it will? In all seriousness, just stay comfortable. Don’t wear something that you will continue messing with because they will notice. Just try and make sure you feel confident wearing what you’re wearing. 


6. Go buy a blazer!

Okay, you got lucky, and I added a last final tip. You’re welcome. A blazer will help a lot of outfits look professional. If you just have to wear jeans because you are against all other pants, throwing a blazer on with your top will make all the difference. You can also wear a tank top and cover up your shoulders with a cute blazer. It makes the look very polished and professional! 


My advice may not be something to strictly follow; but they will hopefully help make sure you nail that job interview! This is your future we are talking about! It is important that you dress for success. So, the next time you’re in Forever 21 shopping for crop tops, maybe reach for that sophisticated blazer for your next job interview. 


Photos courtesy of allwomenstalk.com, stylishpetite.com, bloglovin.com, and jny.com.

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