Dorian Newkirt, ACE Concert Committee Chair

Name: Dorian Newkirt

Year: Junior

Major: Chemistry

Minor: English

If you’ve ever wondered who was in charge of organizing the various concerts we have around UNCW, or who seeks out student feedback on who to book for the spring and fall concerts, look no further than Dorian Newkirt. 

Dorian is the chair of Association for Campus Entertainment’s (ACE) Concert Committee. A few of the tasks of being chair of the concert committee include hunting for talented individuals who are willing to perform at UNCW,  contacting the managers of performers, doing tech and backstage work during the performances, and meeting with the other executive board members of ACE to discuss upcoming events on campus.

ACE is made up of six committees: Concert, Special Events, Homecoming, Spirit, Boseman Gallery, and Films. It is the biggest student organization on campus, which is why Dorian decided to join. He wanted to find a way to get more involved and stay on top of things. He says being chair of the concert committee also helps him build his planning and time management skills, two qualities that he needed to improve on. Now, Dorian believes he has developed these qualities and added, “I have a planner now and I actually use it.”

Months of planning goes into consolidating these concerts. Along with the two fall and spring shows, there is also a welcome week concert at the beginning of fall semester and Festapalooza, which is the end-of-the-year show. In between those shows there is Concert on the Commons, which happen at the amphitheater or in Hawk’s Nest. Last year, there were five or six Concert on the Commons shows, but this year Dorian decided on three. “I only wanted to have three Concert on the Commons so we could put more money towards the bigger shows rather than having five or six smaller shows,” he explained.

The fall and spring concerts are the biggest ones that the concert committee hosts. Previously, UNCW has hosted Hoodie Allen, Jay Pharoah, Time Flies, and All Time Low. To get these acts, ACE first comes up with a long list of performers the school can afford. Then, they narrow down these acts to performers who fit best with UNCW’s student body. Then, the student body votes on who they want. Finally, it comes down to availability of the artists and smaller details on who can come or not.

ACE is not the only organization Dorian is involved in. He is also a part of an on campus service group called Go Passionately Serve. The organization’s aim is to experience life by serving others through missions and ministry. Dorian often helps them with feeding the homeless and tutoring refugee children.

Getting involved on campus is one way to polish planning and time management skills, but also heighten the college experience. Dorian’s position of Concert Committee chair is significant to each of us because he is always taking student feedback. So, if there’s an artist you think would be willing to come to UNCW, don’t be nervous to mention it to Dorian!