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Sadly, if you are a college student you are either someone who gets stuck behind a cloud of intoxicating smoke while walking to class or you’re the student vaping and creating the smoke. There are many debates open about this right now. Is vaping harmful to the human body? Maybe you vape and maybe you don’t. I don’t smoke at all but I know plenty of people who do. Originally vaping was introduced as a less damaging e-cigarette but now there are new findings that indicate foul play and false advertising. 

I was tapping through my friends’ Instagram stories and came across something awfully chilling.   

The girl pictured above is eighteen and was recently hospitalized. Her lungs failed due to her addiction to vaping. Simah raised awareness by posting her story on Instagram. She went into great detail about the horrible aftermath she endured because of vaping. Simah explained that she had nausea issues which spiraled into not being able to eat or sleep for two years. A few weeks ago she began having difficulty breathing; shortly after she was hospitalized her lungs failed within 48 hours. She had to be put on a ventilator. Simah learned in a horrible way that smoking nicotine and weed have each proven to be fatal. She luckily survived and can tell her story with those of us who are vaping. 

It takes a crazy amount of courage to explain how vaping caused her all this physical trauma. Simah concluded her cautionary experience with “Don’t let vaping win. Take back your life and quit smoking”. I previously mentioned that I do not smoke but I was deeply moved by Simah’s bravery and know someone needs to read this. Don’t let vaping win. Addiction is real; don’t let drugs dictate the timeline of your life. 


 [photo via Instagram @simahherman


Hannah Rzepka is a senior at UNCW studying communication studies with a concentration in marketing. She enjoys creative writing alongside her studies and aspires to be a published author in the near future. Hannah has been writing for HerCampus UNCW for almost four years and has cherished every second of it!! 
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