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Divine Touch Beauty Salon Brings Beauty and Class to Wilmington

Since officially opening its doors on Aug. 27, 2013, Divine Touch Beauty Salon has been bringing beauty and class on the corner of S. College Road and Randall Drive.

Wilmington native Debra Byas, 50, has left her mark on ‘little ole’ Wilmywood when she purchased the salon March 4 at Red Cross Street. Since then, she has relocated the salon closer to UNC Wilmington in July in an effort for a fresh start.

“The location was not drawing the stylists I needed,” Byas said. “It wasn’t meeting the desire to make customers feel welcome. Just wasn’t fitting so when I found this place, we moved in.”

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony August 27 with members of Wilmington’s Chamber of Commerce, Byas got to work: buying state-of-the art equipment such as hairdryers and wash sinks and purchasing new furniture, she created an efficient upscale atmosphere for both clients and stylists.

“It was really relaxing and I felt right at home. Customers really liked the atmosphere,” Divine Touch stylist Davida Jackson Jones, 27, said.

According to 36 year-old Divine Touch stylist Sheri Ulcak, the exceptional customer service and unbeatable prices allows Divine Touch to be untouched by its competitors.

“A wash and set is $35 but it depends on length and type of hair. UNCW students get ten percent off. On Tuesdays, we have $20 wash and set specials,” Ulcak said.

According to Byas, Divine Touch is also getting their own exclusive line of products that will allow the salon to be a cut above the rest.

The intricate wall décor placed on the waiting room’s pastel-colored walls and crystalline chandelier hanging from the ceiling is one of Byas’ few homey touches.

“I bought new equipment to be pleasing to the eye. I put my taste into the salon and was able to attract stylists. We were fully staffed the day we opened.”

Not only is the salon’s presentation is a plus, but so are the stylists who have had years of experience in multicultural hair and posses customer service skills.

“Our thing is, if you need it then we can do it. I am very selective with the stylists I employ,” Byas said. “Of course each has their specialty, but if a customer comes in and asks for something, anyone in the staff will be able to do whatever the customer wanted-—whether its cuts, highlights, perms, whatever. We can do it all on any hair type.”

Many of the stylists are also trained in other avenues such as eyelashes and makeup services.

“I used to be a called the Bob Queen, because I used to do really nice bobs that suit your face. I’m really good at finding the hairstyle for you,” Jones said. “I won’t let you walk out the door looking bad.”

Not only are the stylists experienced and professional, but also they genuinely care about their customers. Ulcak says she often tries to teach her clients about proper hair care.

“My goal is to make you look good. And that can’t happen if you don’t know how to take care of your own hair,” Ulcak said.

Long-term customers, such as Asta Tiaoune, says she keeps coming back to Divine Touch Beauty Salon because of the quality work and the customer service is different and welcoming.

“This has always been a passion of mine. I wanted a salon to focus on customer service. Our goal here is make you feel as beautiful as you look,” Byas said.

Byas, who wanted her customers to know exactly what they would be receiving when they walked in the salon, created a suiting name.

“I wanted people to know that they were going to have a divine experience. That we’re going to make them feel like royalty,” Byas said.

To book an appointment or for more information call (910) 620-4393. Clients can also visit the Facebook page or check out their website

Also, be checking our Facebook page for a chance to win a giveaway of hair services from Divine Touch!

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