Curly Hair Tips for the Winter

Now that summer is over and the humidity has decreased, its time to take care of your curly hair during the dry season!

I have had curly/wavy-ish hair for a while now and, to be honest, I just got comfortable with styling and doing my hair every day. Yes, at 20 years old I finally figured it out but give me a break I am lazy. So here are some of my lazy curly hair tips for the winter:

Don’t wash your hair every day.

If you have curly hair, you probably have heard this before but in the winter you sweat less so less hair washing. Yay!


Dry your hair with a t-shirt.

One of my new favorite tricks is drying my hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel because the fibers from the towel is rough on curly hair by taking away too much of the moisture hence frizzy hair.


Put your hair up or in a braid while air-dry.

Another trick I picked up is to keep hair away from body heat while it is drying because the heat can cause more unwanted frizz. So put your hair in a loose bun or braids!


Try to minimize using the hair dryer and flat iron.

Again, a known thing is that consistently using heat products can cause more damage in the long run and cause more frizz so just do it once a week or so.


Use some hydrating hair product.

I actually just found a solid hair product that I can use from the summer to winter and it's the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It really calms down the frizz and keeps my curls in between washes.

Take vitamins and eat some more veggies.

I have gummy daily vitamins that I take every day but eating healthier is something I constantly struggle with. Yet, I make some efforts every day that I know can benefit me in the long run.

So in the words from my icon, Lady Gaga, “I'm the spirit of my hair, it's all the glory that I bare.” Take some time to take care of your curly hair!

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