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This week, I switched up my lipstick game and sampled one of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips lipsticks. The name of the shade I sampled was KIM K.W., a light pink shimmer that was more than fitting for the beautiful spring weather we’ve had in Wilmington. 


As someone who tends to dress Hobo-Chic to class, this assignment forced me to look a bit more like a human throughout the day. You can’t rock Hot Lips and look like a hot mess, right? With days that are jam packed, it’s important to me, as I’m sure it is to many of my fellow collegiates, to have beauty products that are simple to use. Though the application of this lipstick is different than most, Tilbury’s sample product requires users to peel a plastic applicator, bend it, and place her mouth on the lips outline provided. While weird at first, it turned out to be a simple five-second process that left my lips shimmering without the hassle of precisely applying a tube of lipstick. 

Now I have to admit – I am more likely to rock a bare face than one covered in makeup. Hence, I consider myself absolutely clueless in the department of anything makeup related. But this product was one I found simple to use and I absolutely loved the shade it left on my lips. 

Throughout the day, I recruited some of my closest friends to give me their honest opinions relating to the color. When I showed them the sample product, there was a large majority who were overwhelming confused by the application, but loved the color. As someone with a darker skin tone, I, along with some of my best gals, was happy to see that the light color popped well and accentuated my natural color. 

But just with all beauty products, I did have a few complaints. Though the application was dummy proof, I found that the light shade faded within five minutes. Whether that be because I didn’t hold my lips to the sample for a long enough period of time or that the samples don’t accurately depict the longevity of the brand, my lips were bare and dry after a couple of minutes. Luckily, I had multiple samples on hand, but continuously applying lipstick was not something I want to be part of my everyday routine. 

Overall, I will continue to distribute and use the dozens of samples I have left over. While I may not be buying the product anytime soon, I was pleased with the overall results and hope to try out some of her other shades. For more information on Tilbury’s products, click here to see what all the hype is about. 


[Photos courtesy of Her Campus Virginia Tech and Gabriella Dionisio]


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Gabriella is a twenty-something Floridian who has taken her love of waterfront living and sandy toes to Wilmington, NC! When she's not imprinting her body frame on the beach or stocking up on excessive jars of peanut butter, Gabriella can be found in the lines of Dunkin Donuts scrolling through Pinterest in the search of the perfect apartment decor. Her dream profession is to work for a women's magazine with an emphasis on millennial empowerment. Follow her on Twitter, @gabby_dionisio! 
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