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Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After College, Book Review

Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After College, by Chaz Pitts-Kyser, provides soon-to-be college graduates with real-world advice for entering the professional world and establishing themselves in a career.

“Just 30 minutes of watching the news is enough to make the average graduating senior want to crawl beneath the covers,” Pitts-Kyser says in the Introduction, eerily describing what recent graduates are facing. But, her guide intends to alter this stigma and give you the tools you need to be a successful woman.

Although this period of change is intimidating to many students, Pitts-Kyser’s guide has brief, easy-to-read chapters that encompass everything that a woman may need to launch her career and sustain it. She has compiled personal experience, researched material and advice from other professionals to create a guide for every graduate—a guide she wished she had after her graduation herself.

In two months, I will personally be graduating and pursuing a career, and I found this book to be extremely beneficial in providing me with the information I need during this transition time. With 32 chapters, you can easily browse the book based on what stage of your career you are in. Whether you’re just beginning to apply for positions (chapter 3) or you’re choosing between job offers (chapter 9), this has it all at your fingertips.

The best part? You can still reference it after you have scored a job and career. Pitts-Kyser delves deeper into what every Careeranista may experience in the workforce from dealing with conflicts with co-workers to battling sex discrimination and managing finances. Furthermore, she digs into the possibilities of graduate school and how to succeed in the competitive corporate world.

My favorite things about Careeranista:

  • The guide narrows down a large timeline from thinking about a job to actually being in one
  • Pitts-Kyser has a friendly tone that makes this an easy,  non-intimidating read
  • You can browse the Table of Contents for the right section that pertains to you now
  • Nearly each page is accompanied by encouraging quotes and advice from real professionals


I definitely recommend this for not only for recent graduates, but students in general. From starting the job application process to managing difficulties that may arise in a field, Pitts-Kyser highlights the highs and lows of becoming the ultimate Careeranista.

Want the book for yourself? Buy it here or check your favorite online bookstore!

Kaitlyn is a student at The University of North Carolina Wilmington attaining a degree in communication studies with a focus in public relations and minor in journalism. She will be graduating in May of 2015 with a B.A. In addition to starting a Her Campus chapter at UNCW, she also is a contributing writer for USA TODAY College and has interned for local WILMA magazine and The Greater Wilmington Business Journal. When she's not writing, her time is spent working or reading magazines of all varieties. Kaitlyn plans to move to New York City after graduation to pursue a career in journalism. You can follow her on twitter @KaitlynRussell_
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