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Campus Style on What to Wear to Meet His Family: Kelly Brown

Name: Kelly Brown

Year: Senior

Major: Communication Studies

Graduating: December 2017

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

HC: How would you describe your day-to-day style?

KB: I would say my day-to-day style (when I’m not lounging in my pjs or wearing t-shirts to class) is a mix of things, but mostly boho-chic. I shop a lot at Altar’d State, where I also work, so I love wearing fun patterns, flowy pieces, lots of jewelry, and layering my look.

HC: What are some of your favorite items to wear around the holidays?

KB: Around the holidays, I love to wear Christmas and winter colors. I thrive during this time of year because, being a redhead, I look great in dark colors (burgundy, navy, hunter green), and I also adore all fall/winter clothes. They always look so comfy and stylish.

HC: How long have you and Bradley been dating?

KB: Bradley and I have been dating 3.5 years as of yesterday (11/10/2017)!

HC: What was it like first meeting his family?

KB: Meeting his family for the first time was pretty casual, as I was just going to hang out at his house, but I did want to make a good first impression so they would like me.

HC: For others preparing to meet their significant other’s family this holiday season, what would you suggest they wear?

KB: If you are meeting your significant other’s family this holiday season, I would stress to just be yourself! Don’t feel pressure to wear your nicest outfit if that isn’t you. Probably don’t show up in sweatpants because that can suggest that you don’t care, but just wear what you would normally wear to be comfortable. They will love you for you, whether you’re wearing a fun sweater with some riding boots or your Sunday best. Don’t overthink it.

[Photos courtesy of Casey McAnarney]

A junior at UNC Wilmington double majoring in English-Professional Writing and Communication Studies, Casey aspires to work in the field of journalism post-grad. Not only is she Co-Campus Correspondent, but she is also the Editor in Chief of her school's paper, is a writing tutor and has an obsession with early twentieth century American literature.
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