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Campus Style: Nat Oldani

Nat Oldani is a Sophomore at UNCW currently studying communication. She is largely involved in Physical Graffeeti, our hip hop dance group on campus, as well as HerCampus as a team member. Nat brings comfort to her style and draws her inspiration from her favorite way of creative expression! Here is her take on fashion:

HC: How would you describe your personal style?

NO: I would describe my style as comfortable, casual, and athleisure inspired.


HC: What are your go-to items to wear?

NO: My go-to items are my Adidas three-striped track pants, a hat, hoop earrings, and any casual shoe like Vans or Converse.

HC: What inspires your look?

NO: My style inspiration comes a lot from my hobby which is dancing. So the sporty and athleisure vibe is really popular in the Hip Hop dance world. Street looks inspire what I want to wear because I really enjoy being comfortable and still looking cute. R&B and Hip Hop artists are also a big inspiration in my look too.

Nat’s style shows through not only her clothes but also through her radiant personality. She is a style queen and a genius with her personal aesthetic. Give Natalie a big smile and some kudos for her effortless trendy look!

Follow Physical Graffeeti on Instagram for cool pictures and updates on the group’s events! @physicalgraffeeti 

[Photos Courtesy of Natalie Oldani]

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