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Campus Style: Hanna Wickes

Hanna Wickes is a sophomore at UNCW from Monroe, New York. She loves to sing, play soccer, and read “anything she can get her hands on.” Hanna’s favorite part of The Dub is being a member of the all-girl a capella group, the Seabelles, and (of course) loves the campus Dunkin. She fits in with Wilmington locals but definitely stands out with the style she seems to have brought with her from home!

HC: How would you describe your style?

HW: I would describe my style as a mesh of different decades, but I know if you were to ask any of my friends the same question they would just roll their eyes and say “hipster.”

HC: What is your color? Ladies, you know what I mean: that color that makes the skin glow, the eyes bold, or the booty pop!

HW: My favorite color has always been blue since I was little, and I think the color suits me the most since I have blue eyes. I also really like wearing light brown and yellow-orangey colors.


HC: Who are your favorite fashion icons or celebs who really inspire your wardrobe?

HW: Some of my favorite fashion icons are actually K-pop stars, which may seem a bit odd, but a lot of the clothes Korean pop stars wear are really fashion forward, and I tend to see that they start a lot of trends in America. I also really admire Rihanna and Stevie Nicks’ style.

HC: Girl, where do you shop?!

HW: Thrift stores and… thrift stores. There are really great consignment shops around Wilmington that have a lot of cool stuff as well. There’s also an app called thredUP, which sells a lot of great brand name stuff for nearly half the price.

HC: What movie makes you want to jump on the runway?

HW: I think Clueless may be one of the most fashionable movies of all time, for real. From the smart uses of plaid to fluffy sleeves, mini-skirts, and embellished chokers—it seriously has it all.


HC: Lastly, what article of clothing would you die without?

HW: High-waisted pants, for sure…I wear them almost every day and you honestly can’t go wrong with a good pair of high-waisted anything (they seriously cover everything).

[Photos Courtesy of Hanna Wickes]

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