Campus Cutie: Rachel Kowadlo

Name: Rachel Kowadlo

Year: Junior

Major(s): Business Administration, Human Resources Concentration

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Instagram:  @where_is_ko_waldo


Favorite movie: The Goonies

Favorite food: Bi-Bim-Bop

Dream job: Owning my own restaurant/coffee shop/bed and breakfast

Favorite pair of socks: Yellow socks covered with wiener dogs wearing sweaters! They’re a great statement piece and conversation starter.

Go-to drink in the Fall: Coffee with creamer and cinnamon

Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?

Rachel Kowadlo: I serve as the Director of Communications on the Student Government Association’s Executive Board. I’m also a Seahawk Link, Study Abroad Ambassador, and I participate in Reformed University Fellowship whenever possible. I also sang with the Seahawkappella’s my freshman year!


HC: What is your favorite part about being a Seahawk link?

RK: I love mentoring people, genuinely learning about their lives, and helping them grow. It’s such a great feeling to know that I’ve mentored 50 UNI 101 students to date and walked alongside them through such a pivotal point in their lives. The greatest reward has been seeing my UNI students get involved and adjusted to campus. When I see my students thrive, that’s when I know I’ve done my job.

HC: You just recently got back from studying abroad for a semester in England. What was your favorite memory? What was your favorite country you visited?

RK: Believe it or not, the airplane rides at the beginning and end of my time abroad will always be my favorite memories because of the significance they carried in that season of my life. Leaving for England last January was the first time I had ever flown alone, and I can clearly remember how terrified yet excited I was to begin my life in England. There were so many unknowns at the time, and I was completely ready to take on whatever was to come my way. The flight back to the United States was so important to me, because I journaled and reflected on all the people I met, the life lessons I learned, and the 12 countries I visited. I have never felt more empowered, proud, and truly invincible than on those two plane rides.

My favorite country is a tie between Greece and Scotland. I backpacked for 21 days during my spring break and ended in Greece, which was incredibly restful, beautiful, and warm! I also loved Scotland because it was the last major trip I took before coming home, and my sister and her best friend came with me. We spent a week driving and hiking through the Scottish Highlands, ate some amazing food, and made some lifelong friends!


HC: What is on your go-to road trip playlist?

RK: Per family tradition, I will always start out a long road trip with the song, “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson. I’ll always have some John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, Mumford & Sons, and Broadway show tunes. I also love hymns, so there are a few tucked away in there, too.

HC: Any other fun facts or favorite quotes to share?

RK: When I was in Scotland, I had the opportunity to buy a plot of land in the Scottish Highlands, and I was given a Scottish title! I have official documentation naming me “Lady Rachel Kowadlo of Glencoe”. It’s definitely an interesting fact to share with others!

[Pictures courtesy of Rachel Kowadlo]