Campus Cutie: Nicole Keyser

Meet Nicole! A senior transfer student from N.C. State, she is 21 years old and originally from Swansboro, North Carolina. This campus cutie is taken (sorry boys); she has been dating her boyfriend Matt for four years. Majoring in Public Health Studies with a preclinical concentration, she is excited to start her senior year at UNCW! 

HC: Why did you move from N.C. State to UNCW? 

NK: I chose UNCW because of the charming and smaller campus; I love the atmosphere and the Public Health Studies program. 

HC: What is your favorite thing about UNCW or Wilmington so far?

NK: I would probably say how there is always something to do or something going on! 

HC: Since this is a campus cutie profile, what is the best date you and Matt have gone on?

NK: We visited the Cape Fear museum because we both love history, we also had lunch downtown and then toured the Battleship. It was fun, exciting, and insightful!    

HC: In the future, what kind of pet do you think you and Matt would have?

NK: We actually just talked about this last night! We would have two dogs (a black lab and a Yorkie) and a Siamese cat. 

HC: That is so cute! So as my final question, what are you looking forward to at UNCW this coming year?

NK: Finding my place and making new friends! 


Pictures Courtesy of Nicole Keyser