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Campus Cutie Couple: Phil and Jenny

Walk around campus on any given day and there’s a chance you’ll see Jenny and Phil. They are almost inseparable and one of the nicest, goofiest couples on campus. At the rate they’re going, they’ll be together for a long time.

Names: Jenny Erath and Phil Pfuelb

Year: Freshmen

Majors: Jenny is an education major and I’m a social work major

HC: How did you guys meet?

We met on the first few nights of college. My friend and I went around my dorm knocking on all the girls doors and introducing ourselves.

HC: What was your first date?

Romantic candle lit dinner at wag.

HC: What were your favorite dates?

Going to the beach on Halloween, making spaghetti for her on birthday.

HC:How long have you two been dating?

Three months.

HC: Do you two have a song?

Do you think I’m sexy- Rod Stewart

HC: What’s your most awkward moment as a couple?

Not sure. Jenny’s always awkward.

HC: If your relationship was an 80’s rock band, what would it be called?

“Philly Phil and the Not-So Funky Bunch”

HC: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

No plans yet.

HC: Any advice for people that are currently crushing on their friends?

Go get ’em, Tiger.


Asia Francine Butler, known amongst her friends as "The Last of the Time Lords" is a professional student for the University of North Carolina Wilmington. After receiveing her International Baccalaureate Diploma in December of 2013 and being immersed in the friendly and lively atmosphere of UNCW, she decided to pursue a variety of interests, including, but not limited to writing for both Her Campus UNCW and Cape Fear Living Magazine, acting as an Orientation Leader for the International Students, being a Conversation Partner for the English as a Second Language students at UNCW, being a Peer Mentor for incoming International Students, and being a Historian in the Seahawk Crossing for the Residence Hall Association, being a Brother of the academic National Honors Fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, and being a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda's honors society. She writes at least four articles a month, two for Her Campus UNCW and two for Cape Fear Living Mgazine, and has positively affected the lives of hundreds of international exchange students and UNCW students. Furthermore, she have positively affected and engaged in the lives of many people in the North Carolina community through volunteering with Habitat for Humanity UNCW, UNC Weekends, Burrito Bikers, and playing intramural soccer. Although she has a passion for writing, she is enrolled as a history major in the University of North Carolina Wilmington in preparation for entering law school in the Fall of 2016. While she enjoys temporarily living at the beach for most of her college career, her heart lies with her two adorable German Shepherds, Mitch and Maple along with the loving Butler parents and her two creative and beautiful younger sisters in Greensboro, North Carolina.
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