Campus Celebrity: Haley Norris

Haley Norris is a very accomplished and driven UNCW senior! She will major in exercise science and recently accepted an internship as a wellness coordinator at Carolina Bay retirement community.  She’s been in the all-girl a capella group, Seabelles, since her freshman year and has led the group since her junior year. Haley hass been active in intramural sports beginning in her freshman year, playing everything from racquetball to soccer, and even coaching field hockey at Cape Fear Academy. She currently works on campus as the building manager through campus life. She is enrolled in the honors college and performs in a rock/jazz -style band called Feebs. And we can't forget about her adorable pup Phoebe! Basically, Haley does it all and does it well.

HC: How did you find yourself so involved on campus?

HN: I started getting involved my freshman year because I wanted to find a group that I could feel like I truly belonged to. I think the best friends are made through shared interests and I wanted new friends.

HC: What are your methods for succeeding with many commitments and responsibilities?

HN: I like to plan out my week and minimize procrastination, but still balance responsibility with fun and freedom. I don’t like to be too structured, just always have a general idea of what needs to get done, do it, and then take time for myself. For example, I plan time weekly to play guitar.

HC: What leadership tips do you have?

HN: Plan ahead 100%, block off time to plan, always have a backup plan, and remember to be patient with group members.

HC: Who is your biggest role model?

HN: My mother. From an early age, my mom always pushed me to achieve my goals and pushed me to be the best person I can be. She believed in me more than anyone else and her belief showed me that I can go after and get the things I really want in life.

HC: What do you believe has been your biggest contribution to UNCW?

HN: Definitely taking the Seabelles to the ICCAs (International Championship of Collegiate a capella). UNCW was represented at an international competition and we got full funding so no members had to pay.

HC: Lastly, and most importantly, what is your favorite TV show and favorite character of the show?

HN:, it's Grey', definitely SpongeBob. My favorite character is Fred the guy that says “my leg!!”  

[Photos Courtesy of Haley Norris]