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Building Your Own Friggen Nest

Ya know that saying “a bird gotta leave the nest” “fly the coop” etc.? Well like many old fashioned traditionalist lingo the phrase is outdated. I have come to the conclusion that it is beneficial to leave the nest. 

The idea of leaving the nest is all fine but you also need to start making arrangements to stay in another nest. Build your own friggin nest! It’s even easier to leave the nest when it has not been your nest very long. I lived in Georgia the majority of my life and the home we left once I graduated high school was my “nest”. I had no desire to start over and get used to a new nest but lately, I have decided that I don’t have to. Adulthood should not be seen as weighted stress so much as a way to hold yourself accountable by seeking out your independence.  

 And I don’t mean find an apartment that you can afford. Ok yes, make sure you’re living somewhere you can afford but also consider your surroundings that are not strictly material.  

Take a look at the people you see on a daily/weekly basis. Are they who you want to be around for the next couple of years? Do you have that friend that would drop everything for you when your car battery dies? Do have that friend who you call when you are going through a breakup? Do they bring over a bottle of chardonnay once you’re ready to vent? In short, do you have decent friends who can help you through your 20’s?

If this is resonating with you then here are a few steps you can think about while “building your nest”. 

1) Surround yourself with people that make you happy. It’s similar to Marie Kondo’s motto: “If it doesn’t spark joy toss it”. 

2)  Create a space that you can showcase something you’re passionate about. If you have a favorite song that is your cure to a rough day then write those lyrics out and stick them somewhere where you will see them. 

3) Identify the wonderful little things that you appreciate around your home. Maybe it’s the small diner that serves the best french toast or the right around the corner boutique where you do your retail therapy. Whatever they are keep them in your back pocket! They can help you appreciate your “nest” and independence. 


Hannah Rzepka is a senior at UNCW studying communication studies with a concentration in marketing. She enjoys creative writing alongside her studies and aspires to be a published author in the near future. Hannah has been writing for HerCampus UNCW for almost four years and has cherished every second of it!! 
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