Bill Hader’s Funniest SNL Characters

Bill Hader is one of the funniest comedians of our time. You may know him from It: Chapter 2, Barry, or Trainwreck, but he got his start on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. His time on the show from 2005 to 2013 gave us the chance to see him in many different roles, including fan-favorite Weekend Update guest Stefon. He’s so well-loved by the comedy community and SNL fanbase that he’s been able to come back as a host and guest star in past seasons.

If you need something to make you laugh after another hard week of school, you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of my top favorite Bill Hader characters from SNL!


  1. 1. Vincent Price

    Hader’s impressions are some of his best work on SNL. One of the celebrities he emulates is Vincent Price, the famous horror actor. The SNL version of Price hosts cheesy TV holiday specials for almost every major holiday—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even St. Patrick’s and Valentine’s Day.

    Notable Quote: “Now, I’d like to introduce our horrifying songsmith…the ghost of Liberace!”

  2. 2. Devin from "The Californians"

    Devin is a handyman on the hottest Cali-based soap opera who has a habit of starting each episode with a smooch. Like the other Californians, he gives lots of directions and stares at himself in Stuart’s floor-length mirror.

    Notable Quote: “Well, you would’ve been on time if you just took Culver to the One and turned right on Sunset. That’s what it says to do on Google Maps!”

  3. 3. Levar the Gossipy Coal Miner

    Levar is the protagonist of a Cut for Time skit from Hader's time hosting in 2014. As the name of the show-within-a-show implies, Levar is a gossipy coal miner who loves to spread stories about his coworkers and friends from the town.

    Notable Quote: “I’m not saying nothing…I’m just picking at my coal.”

  4. 4. Vince Blake

    One of SNL’s most popular sketch formats is the game show format. Occasionally, real game shows are parodied on the show, but the writers will come up with their own wacky ideas from time to time. Bill Hader often played Vince Blake, a smarmy game show host with an unknown agenda. Some of the game shows he’s hosted include “What’s That Name?” and “What’s Wrong with Tanya?” The contestants are never sure what to expect when Blake is calling the shots...

    Notable Quote: “That’s five dollars for you.”

  5. 5. Stefon

    We can’t talk about Hader without mentioning one of his most iconic characters—City Correspondent Stefon! (Or should we say, Stefon Meyers?) He’s always willing to tell the Weekend Update viewers about the hottest new clubs in town, but he has trouble picking places for wholesome family fun.

    Notable Quote: “This place has everything…”

What’s your favorite Bill Hader character? Do you want to see him host again this season?