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Maybe you’re a new transfer student and you’re unsure of where to go for fun. Maybe you’re a freshman searching for a bit of familiarity. Maybe you’re even like me and have lived here for the past two years and not explored the city. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine that it becomes hard to deviate, and sometimes we get scared when it comes to doing new things for the first time. Here is a (small) list of some of my favorite local live music venues:


Why: Modern Legend has a beautiful aesthetic. An upscale boutique that doubles as a sometimes venue for fun events and live-shows, most people that frequent ML end up becoming regulars. Shows are held monthly at the store’s location and they often host events at other venues.  Still, don’t believe me? Check out the gorgeous website. 

Location: 130 N. FRONT ST. SUITE 102

Upcoming Shows:  

ML Presents: Team Player + Rare Creatures Live at Palate, Sep 13

ML Presents: De La Noche + Tracy Shedd at Bourgie Nights, Sep 20  



Why: If the building’s facade isn’t cool enough for you (all black) it’s next to an all pink hair salon! If I’m going to a show at Reggie’s, then I typically know what to expect: loud music and good fun. 

Location: 1415 S 42nd St

Upcoming Shows:

The Vibrators W/The Girls: Sep 11 

Thou Shalt Rock Fest Day 1 & 2: Sep 27, Sep 28. 


Why: Another cool place to grab a drink and see a show, Bourgie Nights is tucked away into a mountain of warm-colored brick and definitely easy to miss. If you’re not looking for it you might not find it. 

Location: 127 Princess St

Upcoming Shows: 

Wham Bam Glitter Glam, Sep 13

Arson Daily/Dead Swells, Sep 14



Why: I’m willing to bet many have passed by the Whiskey several times during their late-night shenanigans. It’s a noticeable place, but without any real reason to go inside, many continue to walk by. Next time, just pop in for a few minutes and maybe you’ll see the charm that I see. 

Location: 1 S Front St

Upcoming Shows:

The Mantras, Sept 13/14 

Slick Mahoneys, Oct 3

Wilmington’s reputation as a city for the arts is dwindling with more focus on city-development and higher rent rates. I can remember many local venues that wish I had gone to prior to their closing doors. The Calico Room recently saying goodbye, it’s more important than ever for us to let people know what matters to us in Wilmington.   As citizens of this great city, I encourage all of us to contribute when we can and support not only local night-life but our local music scene as well as the artists that give their time to play! Oftentimes venues only charge a small fee (I’ve never paid more than $15 dollars for a local show) and its a great way to spend an evening with friends or by yourself!  If you’re looking for more check out Downtown Wilmington’s website and search until you find an establishment that suits your needs and tastes.

[Reggie 42nd Street Tavern courtesy of their Facebook]

[The Whiskey photo courtesy of their Facebook]

Francheska is a 23 year old writing major who enjoys reading fanfiction, watching netflix, and spending a day underneath the sun.