Anna Freuler, Campus Style

HC: How would you best describe your style?

AF: Comfortable, yet very casual, and definitely more “dressy” when I have to be. HC: What is your favorite “going out” outfit?

AF: An open button up with something cute under, light wash ripped jeans, and my favorite pair of ‘Sanuks’!

HC: Would you prefer a t-shirt and running shorts or a cute dressy outfit?

AF: T-shirt and running shorts all the way! I’m totally a fan of comfort and a nice t-shirt is the way to go, 100%. I do like to dress up every now and then for class though!

HC: What is your favorite pattern or print?

AF: Probably floral, I love the way it can pretty much go with anything I wear, and you can definitely dress it up or down.

HC: Do you have a certain go-to outfit for class?

AF: My go-to outfit for class is always a t-shirt and shorts because its super easy and no hassle... so when I’m late to class, I can just throw it on and go.

HC: If you could trade closets with anyone in the world, who would it be?

AF: There is only one answer to this, and its definitely Rihanna. Her style is the entire spectrum, and I really like that. She can wear a super expensive dress, and then a t-shirt and jeans and it always works for her!

[Photos Courtesy of Anna Freuler]