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Alex Taylor, Campus Celebrity

Name: Alex Taylor

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Alex Taylor with Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Pat Leonard.


HC: Tell us about what position you’re running for.

AT: I am running for Senior Class President of the Class of 2017.


HC: How did you get involved in the Student Government Association and why did you chose to join?

AT: During freshman orientation a man named Jon Kapell mentioned that he could see me as the freshman class president. I had never been involved with student government in high school and was skeptical at first, but the more I thought about it the more excited I became about running [for office]. Once school officially started, I took the leap of faith.

I wanted to join SGA because I was passionate about UNCW and felt a strong connection with the campus since the first day of orientation. It was my goal to represent my class and make a positive difference in their lives and the campus as a whole. I ended up winning the freshman class presidency and went on to be sophomore class president the following year.


HC: What are some of your plans for office if you win?

AT: As the senior class president, I will continue to foster connections with my class to ensure their voice is heard. Many of the projects that students want to see will take years before their completion. However, we are a part of UNCW and that means understanding that what we do can positively impact future Seahawks. I want the rising seniors to continue to advocate for their vision of the campus, whether they get to see the results as an undergrad or an alumni. UNCW is a growing university and one we should all take pride in.

I have already been in contact with the Director of Auxiliary Services, and we are working on renovating the parking situation around campus. I want to establish a UNCW traditions list and continue to promote school spirit. Another large project I would like to work on is a universal and comprehensive application for students and alumni. And, most importantly, I want to be the liaison between the students and administration, to make sure the student’s voices are heard and vision is advocated for.

Alex Taylor at Her Campus UNC Wilmington’s Valentine’s Day Dog Photobooth event.


HC: What qualifies you more for the position compared to the other candidates?

AT: What distinguishing me from other candidates is my experience as an orientation leader, two years as a resident assistant for Graham Hewlett Hall, and, most importantly, my position as the freshman and sophomore class president. My two years in SGA afforded me the opportunity to establish strong connections with key faculty members, administration and professional staff. I believe my strength is my ability to form interpersonal connections with a diverse group of people, whether they are freshman sitting alone at Wagoner, the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, workers on campus, or a random classmate.

As the senior class president, you are the voice of the Class of 2017. There are many personalities and interests that make up the rising seniors, and every voice deserves the right to be heard. I already have strong connections with many of the rising seniors and will continue to be the advocate for all the voices of the Class of 2017.


HC: How will people be able to contact you if they have an issue with the university they want changed?

AT: I encourage students to contact me through social media or email, and I will respond as soon as possible. As a resident assistant, I spend most of my time on campus, with a lot of it being in Hawks Nest and Wagoner. It is my hope that my class and the student body in general feel comfortable to approach me with their concerns, suggestions or any feedback that they may have. I am a friendly and outgoing person by nature and will often start conversations with students while on campus to keep them informed with what SGA is doing and to encourage them to voice their vision for the campus.


HC: Do you have any examples of times in which you have helped changed something at UNCW per student request?

AT: I spent a large portion of my time in SGA on the Campus Dining committee, working towards reforming campus dining and meal plans. While a member of the Campus Dining committee, I polled students on what they wanted to see changed with their dining experience. Through their requests and suggestions we were able to extended the hours of Wag Out to 1:00 in the morning, put projectors in Wagoner Dining Hall, serve sushi in Wagoner on Fridays, made Landwhich accept meal swipes all day (before teal meals were created), reform the Dubs Café menu and appearances, change the design of Hawks Nest (as well as make a stand-alone Chick Fil A), introduce Teal Meals, advocate for a more affordable meal plan, and extend the hours of Port City Java during exams.


HC: How can students vote for you?

AT: Due to an election technicality, I am running for Senior Class President as a write in. To vote for me, click here. Voting is open from February 22nd through the 25th. There will be an option under the Senior Class President poll to write in a name–so please vote for me by typing my name: “Alex Taylor.”

Regardless of who you vote for, I encourage everyone to vote! SGA is your voice and your vision; make sure your vote counts!

Feel free to follow my campaign page on Facebook.


Photos courtesy of Alex Taylor.

A junior at UNC Wilmington double majoring in English-Professional Writing and Communication Studies, Casey aspires to work in the field of journalism post-grad. Not only is she Co-Campus Correspondent, but she is also the Editor in Chief of her school's paper, is a writing tutor and has an obsession with early twentieth century American literature.
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