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The 9 Stages of Packing

1.     Winter break is in just a few days, so you start making a list of everything you need for the next month.


2.     The night before you leave you try to find a bag that could potentially hold all of your clothes.


3.     Checking the weather for your hometown you realize (if you live in-state) that the weather could be 75 degrees or snowing.


4.     You pull out all of your potential outfits for holiday parties and realize you don’t like any of them.


5.     Twenty minutes later, every item in your closet is now on your bed or on the floor.  


6.     After finally figuring out everything to bring, the realization hits: How the hell is this going to fit in one suitcase?


7.     The challenge begins as you cram as many clothes as possible without breaking the zipper.


8.     Finally! Everything is ready to go, and it only took about four hours.



9.     Until you realize you have to re-pack everything in a month to come back to school. 


All photos/gifs courtesy of giphy and tumblr.

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