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8 Things I Can’t Wait to See on “Riverdale” in Season 2

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

Ah, my favorite time of year—the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, Halloween is just around the corner, and, most importantly, Fall TV is in full swing! I’ll admit, over the last couple of years most of my television priorities have shifted away from networks to Netflix; however, there are still a few choice shows that I enjoy on cable. See: “Riverdale.”


After binging the CW drama earlier this year, it quickly became a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine. The narrative is a dark, Twin Peaks-inspired twist on the Archie comics, serving mystery, suspense, teen angst, clever fashion, stunning visuals, AND Cole Sprouse all in one. Tbh, what more could you ask for?! Now that the show is entering its 22 (!!!) episode sophomore season on October 11, these are some the things that I am MOST excited to see this time around:


WARNING: this post contains ~spoilers~


1. Bughead, Bughead, Bughead 

A bizarre ship name, yes—but this couple is just so endearing that they’ve made the name kind of adorable. They are arguably the most popular ship on the show (don’t @ me) and this will surely reflect in how they are written this season. When we left off, Jughead had been exiled to a school on the Southside in accordance with his new foster family’s location. He also potentially made the provocative decision to join the Southside Serpents, which will certainly be a major point of conflict in season two. Since quite a bit of ~drama~ has already been hinted at, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a rocky road for Bughead in the coming episodes. Still, I’m pretty eager to see how this couple’s storyline plays out!


2. The many layers of Queen Cheryl Blossom

Ahem, I am here to make it clear that Cheryl Blossom is the reigning queen of “Riverdale.” She is undeniably my favorite part of the entire show and I absolutely live for her one-liners. But Cheryl is more than just the mean girl archetype she represents—she is a very complex young girl that has lived through an endless cycle of abuse and betrayal. And if her actions in the finale are any indication, this HBIC’s storyline is about to get even darker. On the bright side, Madelaine Petsch has teased a love interest for Miss Cheryl Bombshell, which brings me to my next point…


3. More! queer! stories!!

One of my biggest qualms with season one was its lack of queer characters and relationships, as Kevin was the only recurring character to represent the LGBT+ community. However, this is looking to change in season two! A new character by the name of Toni Topaz, portrayed by Vanessa Morgan, has been confirmed as bisexual. In addition, Kevin and his love life will become more prominent and less two dimensional in season two. And Cheryl’s love interest? While nothing is confirmed, we do know that it is someone “unexpected.” This information combined with an interview from Madelaine Petsch has led to speculation that it might be a female love interest. I am BEYOND here for this!


4. An even darker, horror-inspired narrative

By the end of the season one finale, we were left with quite a few questions. Will Fred Andrews live? Who shot him? Where is Cheryl going to live now? Did Nana Rose make it out of the fire? Season two will aim to answer all of these questions (and raise many more), but in a slightly different format than the “murder mystery” narrative we saw in season one. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has explained that he doesn’t want season two to be an imitation of the Jason Blossom mystery. Instead, “Riverdale” will take on a suspenseful, horror genre feel. 


5. The Lodge family reunion

With all the talk of Hiram Lodge in the first season, it’s going to be a pretty big deal to finally meet him now that he’s out of jail in season two. Daddy Lodge (played by Mark Consuelos, who is very deserving of that Daddy title) is sure to shake up the family dynamics this season, whether Veronica and Hermione are ready or not. Overall, I’m  curious to know how his return will affect Veronica and Archie’s new relationship. Because this is “Riverdale,” we know his presence in town will definitely stir the pot. Welcome home, Daddy Lodge!


6. Mental illness addressed 

You guys, mental health is so important. I have struggled with mental illness since I was a little girl and high school was a particularly tough time for me. At Comic Con, Lili Reinhart revealed that Betty’s mental health concerns will become a major point in season two. She explained that her illness will be addressed and taken seriously, as it should be. Following Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch spoke about Cheryl’s mental health struggles and revealed that they will be addressed as well. I, for one, am thankful that “Riverdale” is aiming to confront mental illness in a meaningful way, especially following Cheryl’s suicide attempt in the finale.


7. More iconic music 

Are you following the “Riverdale” Spotify playlist yet? If not, DO IT. The music in season one added such a unique element to the show and I’m expecting the music in season two to be just as fire. Ok, I’m not the biggest fan of Archie’s songs, but I absolutely adore the quirky pop sound of Josie and the Pussycats. These girls are just so talented and, to me, their sound emulates the aesthetic of the show perfectly. More Josie and the Pussycats this season, please! 


8. COATS! (and, y’know, the entire wardrobe in general)

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how fantastic the coats are on this show? Veronica’s black cape coat? Cheryl’s fur bomber AND her Little Red Riding Hood-esque cape? I LIVE! I actually spent more time than I’d like to admit scouring the internet for the aforementioned outwear, only to find that exactly zero of these are available for purchase. A girl can dream! Since the show is picking up right where it left off, we can definitely expect more fabulous winter coats this season. I’m also pumped for the rest of the fashion since the “Riverdale” wardrobe pretty much represents the closet I wish I had. The choker game on this show is also out of this world, might I mention. 


Season two of “Riverdale” premieres on October 11 at 8pm on The CW. In the meantime, I’ll just be getting my Cheryl Blossom Halloween costume ready…

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Sky is an English major and Psychology minor here at UNCW. Her loves include: dogs, fashion, dance, pop culture, Los Angeles, and television shows. One day, she dreams of owning a house in Malibu and filling it with a big family of rescue dogs.