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8 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Swooning Over Phillip “Lip” Gallagher from “Shameless”

There is no denying that Phillip “Lip” Gallagher, resident bad boy on the hit TV series Shameless, has all of us swooning. He’s your parent's worst nightmare and every girl’s steamiest fantasy. But interestingly enough, Lip, played by Jeremy Allen White, didn’t immediately win us over--he isn’t stunningly handsome or impressively driven. What Lip does have, however, is a certain coyness to him. Sly and protective: two qualities in a man that make our hearts race and palms sweat all at once. It wasn’t until we got deeper into the show that we desperately found ourselves wanting to be Karen or Mandy--or even Debbie for the adorable lengths he would go to defend her (okay, well, maybe not her). Regardless, there are many things about Lip that make us want to jump through our TV screens and do things a ~lady~ would never say out loud. So, what is it about this south side hunk that we can’t get enough of? Well, my lovely reader, I am so happy you asked!



He is the textbook definition of a “Bad Boy.”

Obviously, this is what won us over in the first place--he smokes more cigarettes than your grandfather and is seen in altercations with police officers on more than one occasion. Living on the south side of Chicago, his snarky actions and attitudes are reflective of his upbringing; and while we’d be fearful to bring him home to Mom and Dad, we can’t help but linger over what a night out with him would be like. 


His willingness to protect his family.

With an addict for a mom and an alcoholic dad, it’s no wonder Lip assumes a more authoritative role with his siblings. Being the second oldest to Fiona, he has a sense of responsibility to his family. Whether he’s standing up for Carl or taking the blame for Ian, he truly has his siblings’ best interest at heart; and hello, how can we not swoon over a man who always puts his family first? Total #hubby material.


Lip is incredibly intelligent.

We all know there are two types of students: those who study for hours at a time and those who have a natural intelligence who never bother to pick up a book. Lip, we discover shortly into the first season, is the latter. And while the collegiate in us may hate him for it, the love-struck women we are can’t seem to get enough of it. He’s scary smart--like 2,200 on the SAT smart--and has an enormous amount of potential.


He unapologetically tells it like it is.

Remember when the guidance counselor handed Lip his high school diploma and expected a grand exit or "thank you"? Lip, the wonderful gentleman that he is, takes the paper and walks out of the room, leaving a few colorful words behind him. Lip knew it was his brain that got him out of high school, and no one’s encouragement or advice would have influenced him to get his diploma otherwise.



The acceptance he has for others.

Although Lip puts up a rough exterior, the moments when he puts down his guard and shows kindness make us ~melt~. When Ian musters up the strength to confide in his big brother about his sexuality, Lip gives him nothing but understanding and love. As millennials, we can’t help but fall for him (and the Shameless writers) even more.


His willingness to go after what he wants.

Did Karen’s engagement to Jodi stop him for going after her? Or the time when those snobby, college students tried to bully Lip out of entering the robotics contest? He sets his sights on what he wants and goes after it without giving a damn about the obstacles in his way.


And have you seen how cute he is with Liam?

Hot boy + adorable baby = ALL THE FEELS. While his older siblings bring out the protective side of him, his interactions with Liam show the kindness in his heart. Just seeing Lip hold his little brother is all this fictional character needs to captivate our heart.


His quick wit and sense of humor.

As if a bad boy with noteworthy intelligence, a protective shield, and drive to go after what he wants wasn’t enough, Lip also has a quick-witted sense of humor and a sarcastic reflex. He’s someone we could mess around with and knows how to have a good time. You know what they say: looks attract, personality brings you back. *Falls more in love with a fictional character*




Our final thoughts on Lip? Absolutely irresistible. 

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