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7 Things Communication Studies Majors Hate Hearing

Being a Com major has its perks and its disadvantages, such as crazy pre-requisites to become a Communication Studies major and the stereotypes. While every other major has stereotypes as well, I feel that this major must have one of the worst out there. Prime example: When I first declared my major, a friend of mine (Biology major) literally told me and I quote: “Oh Communication Studies is the perfect major for you; you’re a blonde female and so is everyone else who majors in it.” UH WHAT?!

Here are a few things every Com major will hear during their time in school and grow to hate hearing on a daily.

  1. “Communications? Oh so you must be really good at public speaking!”
  2. “Do you even have to do homework?”
  3. “ I took a public speaking class my freshman year so I basically know what you’re studying
  4. “So you just learn how to talk to people?”
  5. “What type of job will you have after college with a major like that?”
  6. “What was your first major?”
  7. AND LASTLY “I wish my major was as easy as yours”

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