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6 Signs You Know You’re In Greek Life At UNCW

Greek Life is a great way to get involved at UNCW. Sorority men and women are taught how to be successful both socially and academically. UNCW’s Greek Community is known for being accepting of everyone and are always there to support one another. Here are just a few of the many signs that you are a member of a Greek organization.


1. You sport your cute extra large comfort colors philanthropy inspired T-shirts every day of the week.

And by sport I mean you have completely mastered the look of the oversized T-shirt, norts, and converse combination with the occasional flannel for those chilly mornings. You’ve probably also been asked, “Are you wearing pants?” one too many times as well.

Photo courtesy of Odyssey.


2. You’re very supportive of all other Greek Life philanthropies.

Here at UNCW the Greek community works together to support each other in any way possible. If one fraternity or sorority has a fundraising event people from every Greek organization will be in attendance.


3. You get anxious when the deadline is announced for needing to have a date to a function.

The pressure of finding a date for the upcoming is stressful enough, and everyone in the Greek community can understand that.


4. You know everyone in your fraternity or sorority.

Since UNCW is not that big of a school, pledge classes only consist of about 30 people making it easy to learn everyone’s name. Not only do you know everyone in your Greek organization, but you probably know almost everyone in every other organization.


5. You decorate your car, backpack and laptops with your letters.

Because what better way to show off your love for your sisters and brothers than to sport your letters around campus?


6. Big/Little and Bid Day are easily the best times of the year.

What could be more exciting than getting new brothers and sisters as well as your own little brother or sister.


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