6 Reasons Why Leslie Knope is an Icon

If you've seen the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, you know who Leslie Knope is. She's the driven Deputy Director of the Pawnee Parks Department, always hell-bent on doing what's best for the city. She loves everything about Pawnee, including JJ's Diner, all the parks, and her awesome coworkers. Here are six reasons why Leslie Knope is an actual icon.

1. She's got her priorities sorted out. (Waffles and friends are better than work, hands down.)

2. She doesn't care about the haters, and is still driven to do the best thing for Pawnee even when the citizens of the city "care loudly."

3. She's passionate...a little high-strung, but passionate nonetheless.

4. She fights for what she believes in; when Dennis Feinstein tries to get JJ's Diner shut down, she and her friends team up to put a stop to it.

5. She and her husband Ben are an adorable power couple. They constantly support each other, even when Ben gets obsessed with stop-motion animation and creates "Requiem for a Tuesday."

6. Lastly, she's a strong woman with a vision on how to make the future great.

You go, Leslie Knope. You're my role model.

[Gif courtesy of giphy.com]