6 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

It’s officially fall, y’all. Even though it’s 80 degrees outside in good old Wilmington, I refuse to be denied the enjoyment of sweaters, boots, scarves, and pumpkin and/or apple flavored everything. Here are just a few reasons why fall is the absolute best season: 

1. Fall fashions are comfortable and adorable

I love the sundresses of summer and the shorts/t-shirts combos of spring, but there’s something special about scarves, leggings, sweaters and boots. Not only can you look cute rocking fall outfits, they’re ridiculously comfortable. 

2. Fall flavors are amazing and delicious

Pumpkin? Apple cinnamon? Cranberry? How about YES. Whether it’s a pie, a candle, a lotion, or a complicated coffee drink, I love the traditional flavors and scents associated with autumn. 

3. There are tons of fun activities associated with autumn

Apple picking, hay rides, carnivals, haunted trails…there’s something for everyone! Also fall = the return of football season! 

4. All the good TV shows come back 

So this one doesn’t really relate to autumn as a season, but it is true that September is the time of year when the year-round TV shows return to our screens. Anyone in the need of a TGIT fix? My face when my shows end for the summer… 

5. Halloween is rapidly approaching 

I don’t like scary movies, but I LOVE Halloween. It’s so much fun to dress up in a fun costume and eat candy! (Especially on November 1st, when the candy is on sale…) 

PSA: Freeform has already released their 13 Nights of Halloween lineup, so be sure to check it out and pick some spooky movies to watch with friends! 

6. When fall comes, that means…WINTER IS COMING 

Yes, I’m one of those people that starts singing Christmas carols on November 1st. Actually, that’s a lie. I start singing Christmas carols in September. 


Even though global warming means it’s excruciatingly hot still, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the start of fall off right with a PSL and a Halloweentown Marathon. Happy fall y’all! 

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