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6 Most Inspirational Quotes from Broadway Shows

Not everyone is a musical theatre fan. Some people don’t like the concept of bursting into song at random times and “ruining” the flow of the story. I am NOT one of those people.

I love musicals. I have since I was a kid. I used to dream of being a Broadway star. My dream trajectory has shifted somewhat, but I still love watching musicals and listening to Original Broadway Cast Recordings.

Something I love about musicals is that they can be inspiring. Sure, some shows are sad. Like, really sad (Les Mis, anyone?). But even the sad shows have moments where the characters sing their hearts out and say, “Hey, I can do this. I’m not weak, I’m strong.”

To get you through your mid-semester slump, here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes from Broadway shows.


1. “No day but today.”

This is a line from Rent, and is one of my favorite quotes of all time. It’s a different way of saying get started NOW. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to change your life. Another one of the best lines in the show is, “Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.”

2. “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”

Yes, I had to include Hamilton. These song lyrics are amazing because they show that we shouldn’t take life for granted. We have all been given the beautiful gift of life and we can’t waste it!

3. “Be the Hero.”

This is the song from Big Fish: The Musical that opens and closes the show. We can be the hero of our own story and don’t need anyone else to rescue us. The lines from the last song speak for themselves: “Be the Hero of your story if you can. Be the champion in the fight, not just the man. On a wing or on a prayer you get there only with your voice. With a story in your heart you won’t need any other choice. You’re a hero, fighting dragons, winning wars. Be the hero and the world will soon be yours!”

4. “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

This is one of the most memorable lines in Annie and it’s so true! The power of positive thinking can turn any bad day around. A smile is your best accessory.

5. “Being true to yourself never goes out of style.”

This quote from Legally Blonde The Musical is a part of Elle’s valedictorian speech, and is my favorite part of the movie/musical. The best person you can be is yourself! No need to change who you are for someone else.

6. “I’ll eat some breakfast, then change the world.”

This quote from Hairspray motivates me every day. You’ve got to take care of yourself before you charge headfirst into the world!

Rachel is a senior and Creative Writing major/English minor at UNCW. She loves to write about entertainment and often publishes listicles on her favorite movies, music, and TV. Rachel is probably rereading the Percy Jackson books, watching comedy specials on Netflix, or petting a dog right about now. Sometimes, she's doing all three.
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