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5 Things All NC Schools Can Relate To

Her Campus Wake Forest and Her Campus UNCW have teamed up this semester to bring you the best of what North Carolina has to offer! Here are a few things any college student in the state can relate to:

Preppy Clothing

WF: It is fairly rare to walk around Wake’s campus on a weekday, and see students dressed in sweats. Vineyard Vines and Patagonia flourish on campus. Everyone dresses cute for football tailgates in dresses and skirts with cute knee-high boots. During finals week, people even believe in the mantra, “Dress well test well.”

UNCW: UNCW  is not as preppy, but you can find monograms pretty much anywhere! You never know when it will rain here, so we always keep our monogrammed rain jacket handy. When random 70 degree days hit, the jeep doors come off and the Yetis are always out on the beach.

Fans of the Big 4 for Sports 

WF: Many people in North Carolina have strong feelings for which of the Big 4 teams they support, whether it is Carolina Blue or rooting for Duke. Even if people have not attended that school, they may be bigger fans of their Big 4 team than their own alma mater. My roommate and I attend Wake, but if Wake plays Duke in sports, you bet she’ll be hoping Duke wins!

UNCW: We don’t have a football team here at UNCW, but we still love the big four! During football season, a lot of the students spend the weekend at ECU, NC State or UNC. As for basketball, our coach moved to NC State, but the assistant coach at UNC just moved here. We still love a good rivalry, so we will always tune in for the Duke and Carolina game!

Beach Weekend or Mountain Weekend

It’s the best of both worlds! Want to ski? Head out west! Want to catch the surf and sun? Go to the Outer Banks!


When it snows in North Carolina, the world stops. People buy out grocery stores of their bread and milk. No one knows how to drive in the snow. Schools cancel classes for an inch or two of snowfall. When the snow storm hit NC the first week of the year, seeing a blanket of snow on the beach was incredible. Since Wilmington is a beach town we didn’t have enough equipment to clear the roads for almost a week. Snow usually falls and melts after two or three days in the state, but the sheet of ice underneath at least three inches (8-12 inches further inland) of snow shut down our state for two weeks.  

The Holy Grail of Fast Food

Here at UNCW, we are blessed with a Cookout right next to campus. Cookout is perfect for your late night cravings and its cheap, which is *perfect* for college students. They are also known for the best milkshakes around, with over 46 flavors to choose from.




[Photos Courtesy of: http://wfuogb.com/2015/08/how-to-tailgate-the-wake-forest-way/, Pinterest, Unigo, Wired,Twitter and Flickr]

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