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5 Reasons why majoring in COM is just as good, if not better, than any other major

Communication Studies is definitely a popular major at UNCW, but we face a lot of backlash from others claiming that COM is easy. Here are five reasons why we love our major!

1. We do actually have goals.

Despite popular belief, the majority of us Communication Studies majors DO know what we want to do for a living. If we didn’t, we would have obviously went the business route like the rest of the world (just kidding).


2. We are just as smart as you, just in our own way.

Just because we don’t take science classes doesn’t mean that our major is automatically “easy.” We have essays and papers due everyday of our lives on both complete nonsense and things that we actually find interesting. Plus, everyone has his or her strengths–science and math just isn’t one of ours.


3. Our classes are somewhat bearable, and maybe, even a little fun.

While others are complaining about how boring and hard your classes are, we are learning things that are useful not only in our future career but in day-to-day life, as well. 

4. We will love life, even after college.

We have options: we can basically go after any job we want because communications is so broad. If we hate our job, we can find something completely different. Other majors don’t give you as much leeway.


5. We are personable.

Many communication majors are extroverts, which means that we love people!  Meeting new people everywhere you go opens up your mind to what else is out there.


Communication Studies majors basically learn about how to be an awesome person academically and professionally, so who wouldn’t want to be a COM major?


*These views do not represent HC UNCW’s feelings towards majors

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