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5 Reasons To Cook Meal Prep Dishes Now

Chances are unless you’re grocery shopping or have to go out of your house for other needs, you’re staying at home. You’re probably eating out less (unless take-out is an option), which means more people are grocery shopping and cooking at home.

If you’re like me, you may never have gotten into cooking or simply didn’t need to do it (maybe you had meal plans on campus and used the cafeteria). But now is as good of a time as ever to look into cooking—specifically, meals made for meal-prepping. While it may seem contradictory to look at meal preps if you’re inside, there are a lot of benefits to learning some meal prep dishes, even if you’re staying at home.

It’s Easy

Don’t like cooking because it seems like too much work? No problem! The great thing about meal preps is that, because they’re meant to be made for people who are on-the-go, they’re not so labor-intensive.

It’s Cheaper

Eating out is almost always going to be more expensive than making your own food. Fast food restaurants and other chains can charge more because you’re paying for convenience. But if you can make a quick meal at home, consider doing it to save some cash!

It’s Healthier

How healthy your food depends on what you put in it; however, more often than not, making food at home is healthier than food at restaurants. You know what you’re putting in your food because you’re making it, and you can modify recipes to make them healthier for yourself.

It’s More Satiating

Again, this depends on what you make, but more often than not, the food you make at home is more filling than the food you eat out. Fast food is especially notorious for being high in calories but not very filling in spite of it. For example, you can stuff more chicken in your teaser and not have to pay the extra $1 restaurants may charge you for adding meat to your meal.

It Can Be Fun

I didn’t like cooking and still won’t call myself a chef aficionado, but there’s an element to cooking that’s fun. It’s a creative experience. You get to try new things. And there’s the rewarding experience of knowing that you can cook for yourself should you need to. For me, it makes me feel more confident in this “adulting” venture I’m currently on.

Christin Urso / Spoon
If you’re sold (or at least want to try meal prepping), I highly recommend Buzzfeed’s Tasty—they have some of the most delicious-looking meals I’ve seen, and I’ve based my own recipes off of their meals. I’d also recommend doing a general Google search just so you can see what’s out there and tailor your meals to your appetite.

Happy eating, everyone!

Fairley Lloyd is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Certificate in Publishing. She is just learning about astrological signs but is 100% sure that she's an Aries. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, dancing, crafting, and doing anything creative.
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