5 Outfits I Bought For Under $5

Looking cute while on a budget is one of my favorite pastimes. People who know me know that I love buying outfits on a deal, and I thought it would be fun to show off some of the cheapest secondhand outfits I’ve bought that doesn’t look a day-old. Check out five outfits I bought for under $5:


Black and white dress

Dress: $1

Total: $1

My mom actually picked this out for me. We were shopping at The Fairy Circle during their $1 clearance sale and she thought I would like it. My mom definitely knows my style! This dress is perfect whenever I want to dress business-casual or attended a semi-formal event.


Black top with a multicolored skirt

Shirt: $1

Skirt: $1

Total: $2

I’m in love with this skirt. The teal, yellow, and bluish colors tie so well together, not to mention the black background. So, it was really no brainer to tie this with a plain black shirt, which, in my opinion, is gorgeous mostly because of its off-the-shoulder look. I wear this any time I’m on campus.


Purple flower dress 

Dress: $1

Total: $1

My mom also picked this one out for me. She loves the color purple, but she also knows I love dresses! The flower designs are gorgeous, and the belt just ties the outfit all together. This is definitely nice when you want to show off your style, regardless of the occasion.


Black shirt with multicolored pants

Shirt: $1

Pants: $1

Total: $2

I bought the shirt from The Fairy Circle and the pants from Clothes Mentor, both during their $1 sale. I love these pants so much! They’re so comfy! They really can fit a business or casual style, depending on what you’re doing for the day.


Black and white jumper

Jumper: $1

Total: $1

I love this outfit, and I’m pretty sure my mom (again) picked this out for me to try on. I’ve been obsessed with jumpers since I’ve seen people wearing them on campus. This is an all-day, multipurpose outfit for sure!

What awesome outfits have you brought that is on a steal? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tweet us at @hercampusuncw!