5 of The Most Bingeable Shows You Have To Watch

So, by now it’s no secret that we’ve all seen Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, and Orange Is the New Black, and managed to watch them in an unreasonably short period of time. However, if you’re in need of a new show to binge watch during the fall season here are some great picks that are sure to bring in cozy nights, snacks, and Netflix indefinitely asking, “are you still watching?”


  1. Riverdale. Despite only have one full season that you can stream (season 2 is airing currently), I would absolutely claim Riverdale as being one of the shows that you need to see! Riverdale focuses around a group of friends who are working their way through life, and also their town that seems to be buried in secrets. With the show beginning as a murder mystery, it has taken a new route that is sure to engross you, and it also features Cole Sprouse as a leading character.  
  2. Luther. Despite this show being aired in 2010, it is just now gaining traction as "binge-able". Featuring 4 seasons, Luther centers around Idris Elba's character who is a detective that becomes quite engulfed in his work. What is so interesting about this show, is that it begins with revealing the killer and works backwards. If you enjoy shows such as Criminal Minds, you'll more than likely enjoy Luther
  3. Dexter. On another darker note, Dexter is perfect for you if you love rooting for the good guy who does bad things. Dexter makes this list despite having a slow start, but once you start watching Dexter track down criminals who have managed to merge their way back into society, there's no way you can just stop there. Dexter also had some of the craziest plots twists, making the show that much more binge-able. 
  4. American Horror Story. If you haven't already watched the entire series, you have more than likely heard some type of hype around this series. What makes American Horror Story so hard to turn away from, isn't the fact that it's strangely terrifying, but that each season has a completely different storyline and so far they have all been mind-grappling. This series is currently airing its seventh season, meaning there are six complete seasons to go binge on, right now!
  5. Friends. I think we all recognize that a list of binge-able shows just isn't complete without Friends. You can either watch the show's episodes consecutively or just randomly, and you're sure to be nice and cozy with tons of laughs. If you've been living under a rock and haven't watched Friends yet, go watch an episode (or 236) and have the best night ever. You can thank me later. Happy binging season to everyone!

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