5 Hair Care Trends You Didn't Know You Needed

There are some pretty wacky trends floating around on the internet these days (hello Coca-Cola hair rinse?) and it can be hard to figure out what is actually beneficial and what is just a flash craze. Here are five hair trends that anyone can get behind, and will help separate the nonsense from the truth. 

1. Wooden hair brushes. Maybe you've heard of them, maybe you haven't. The truth is, wooden hair brushes have been around for a while now, but are starting to gain popularity not only for being environmentally conscious but for the way they help distribute oil down the hair shaft. It might just help your hair along on those skip-wash days, and feeling good about using less plastic really is the cherry on top. 

Photo Credit to Kyla Rose Maher

2. Rosemary oil. We've all seen the conventional shampoos infused with essential oils, but which ones are the best for hair health? Rosemary oil is one of my favorites, and it's properties help protect hair and keep it long and thick. Some easy ways to use rosemary oil is to drop 10-12 drops of the essential oil into a spray bottle filled with water and evenly spray your scalp before bedtime. Also steeping a rosemary sprig in warm water and using it as a hair rinse at the end of your shower can make for shiny, delicious smelling hair. 

Photo Credit to SpoonForkBacon 

3. Skip a wash day... or two. Washing your hair everyday can actually be pretty damaging and can dry out your scalp, causing other issues like dandruff, itchiness, etc. Start out by "training" your hair to produce less oils by making it through about a week without washing. Sounds gross, but your hair will thank you for it. After that, cut down to washing your hair once every two days. Your hair will produce less oil and the oil it does produce will help protect and strengthen damaged locks. 

4. Natural shampoo. This is a huge one for me, and one that I won't ever go back on if I can help it. Conventional shampoos often contain certain types of detergents which are extremely drying as well as parabens and sulfates/sulfites which are not only bad for you, but for the environment. Get a shampoo that lists ingredients you can recognize and that are eco-friendly. My hair has thanked me for this over and over. Trust me, you won't be sorry you made the switch. 

5. Apple cider vinegar rinse. If you are using a super-natural shampoo such as castille soap or a shampoo bar made with saponified oils, chances are you know what I mean when I describe that gummy, sticky feeling after your hair dries. To combat this as well as to make your scalp healthier and condition your strands, rinse your hair with two parts water, one part apple cider vinegar at the end of every shower. This can help re-balance your hair's ph that some natural shampoos throw out of whack. Even if you use regular shampoo, your locks will thank you for the extra conditioning. And don't worry about the smell-- it goes away once your hair is dry. 

Photo Credit to Natural Family Today

Header image: Lucy Hale / Instagram