5 of The Best DIY Fall Decorations

I personally love any type of fall décor, whether it be as simple as fairy lights or as fancy as a pumpkin tree stump (which is super cute). So in honor of the newly approaching fall season, here are a few of my favorite fall decorations that are sure to spice up any home or in my case, any dorm!

1. DIY Pallets

I think this turkey-style pallet is by far the cutest one I have seen! All you need is the pallet, some paint, and a creative mind for this one.


2. Mason Jar Crafts

If you love crafts and fall décor, this one is for you. This simple mason jar with a leaf design cutout is super easy and gives that little hint of coziness to any room! Check out the tutorial on this craft here!

3. DIY Painted Acorns

These cute little acorns would fit perfectly in a tea-light jar or even in with your potpourri!

As implied, all you will need for this project is your favorite paint and your very own acorns.

Check out the tutorial  here!



4. DIY Pinecone Door Hanger

This project requires a little more effort, but totally worth it! These ribbon-hanging pinecones provide that little extra hint that you couldn’t be happier that fall is finally here! All you’ll need is 4 to 6 pinecones, 8 two-foot-long pieces of colored ribbon, and a hot glue gun!

5. DIY Cinnamon Candle Holder

If you love cinnamon sticks as much as my mom, its guaranteed that you’ll have to make this for the fall season!  With only cinnamon sticks, a candle, rubber bands, and some twine, this projects will definitely bring the spice! You can find the tutorial here.

[Photos Courtesy of Pinterest.comsugarbeecrafts.comhomestoriesatoz.com and sweetpaulmag.com