4 Tips for UNCW Students When Brother Ross Comes to Campus

Every UNCW student knows what it means when they are walking down Chancellor’s and see a horde of their peers swarming around the amphitheater. Some stand back and laugh, some get right up front and argue, and some walk past the amphitheater, looking at the train wreck unfolding before them as they head to class. Days like these mean one thing here at UNCW: Brother Ross is on campus.

Whether you are one of the students actively speaking with Ross or just watching the spectacle in silent disbelief, everyone comes across Ross on this campus at some point in their four years here. So, here are a few tips on how to deal with Ross’s days in the amphitheater.


1. If you plan on going to watch him speak, be prepared to be singled out.

Not only does Ross express his rights to free speech, he has a tendency to single out specific audience members for what he considers to be flaws. For example, one of the times I watched my freshman year, Ross called out all of the girls in the audience who had pierced ears--which was around 90 percent of the audience. In these situations, he just likes to get a rise out of the students, so don't take it too personally.


2. If you plan on arguing with Ross, be prepared for him not to budge.

Though I wish students and speakers on campus could debate issues and inspire each side to be open minded to the opposition, this instance is never the case. Ross is very set in his ways, which is fine and completely allowed, but that means that those who argue with him tend to understand that they are not getting anywhere with him. Instead, make sure that when you argue it's more about creating an open dialogue with fellow students about the issues being discussed.


3. If you don't like conflict, avoid the amphitheater on these days.

On days like these, there is bound to be lots of yelling and arguing, so avoid the area if you don't enjoy a little bit of conflict. People yell in disagreement, bring signs, and someone even dressed up in a red devil costume once. So just keep walking if this is not your thing.


4. If you disagree with what Ross said and want to share your opinions, DO IT!

Not everyone in the world is going to agree on the same issues; however, everyone deserves the right to express their views. If you don't like what Ross has to say, look into clubs that share your values or look into ways in which you can share your opinions with the campus. College campuses today can be rather complacent when it comes to discussing tough issues, so don't be afraid to share yours.


Photo courtesy of Revival Mission Ministries.