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3 Podcasts Every College Girl Should be Listening To

Podcasts are a huge part of how many people choose to stay updated and educated about the world around them. However, it is extremely hard to navigate the landscape of podcasts because they are typically very specialized. Especially as a college student, there are a wide variety of bases to cover when it comes to podcast consumption. I thought I would break down my top three podcasts which manage to cover every aspect of life as a young adult trying to balance education and self-awareness. 


The Daily

Now, I am a nerd when it comes to politics and I think that everyone should be. The political climate that we live in is extremely important and staying in the know about the world around you should be a top priority for everyone. I understand that some people may find this incredibly boring, but The Daily breaks down current events in a concise, unbiased, and informational way. The podcast is put on by The New York Times and hosted by journalist Michael Barbaro. There are new episodes every weekday morning.

The Cut on Tuesday

The Cut on Tuesdays is a wonderful lifestyle podcast that makes me feel like a badass woman. It is one of those podcasts where nothing is off limits yet it candidly and maturly addresses everything that is covered. My favorite episodes of The Cut are the interview episodes where they focus on empowered women and how they are making a difference in the world, but not failing to address the human experiences they have while doing it. This podcast provides a listening experience that keeps you motivated to create your dream life. The Cut on Tuesday is put on by New York Magazine and hosted by Molly Fischer. It is released every week.

Call Her Daddy

Being a female in college who uses social media automatically subjects you to at least being aware of the Barstool Sports podcast, Call Her Daddy. I hesitated to put this on my list because, as a feminist, this podcast can be a little retroactive in its themes. With this in mind, I never fail to listen to the new episode every Wednesday. Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn have honest insights about sex and dating with a humor you just can’t find anywhere else. Taking everything they say with a grain of salt is necessary, but it is super enjoyable for those of us navigating the complicated world of relationships. As the description of the podcast says itself, “while their advice is rarely healthy, it works.”


Happy listening! 

Communications major who loves reading and girl power.
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