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13 Signs That You May Have Senioritis

It’s officially Fall which means it’s also about time for that lovely “bug” to be making its way through campus. Soon everyone will be spreading their diseases and we’ll all end up skipping classes and dying a little more than we already are. But there is another disease that’s been silently spreading among us…senioritis. It hit me full force this week and I don’t think I’ll get over it anytime soon. Here are some signs (or symptoms) that you might have senioritis.


1. You start skipping class more than once a week.


2. You stop caring about being on time to class.


3. You go out in the middle of the week because you’re wild and can’t be tamed. (More like reckless and irresponsible but you know, same thing)


4. You stop caring what you look like when you go to class… but then again didn’t that stop after your first day of freshman year?


5. You decide to take a nap whenever you have any kind of free time.


6. You have absolutely no motivation or patience to even attempt your homework.


7. You forget about assignments but instead of freaking out and turning it in late you just accept the loss. 


8. Your phone is more interesting than anything you’re learning in class and you don’t care that your professor called you out on it.


9. You refuse to stay one extra second whenever a class goes over time because you’re too important and busy to be bothered.


10. You convince yourself that you should spend more money than you have.


11. You convince your friends to skip class to go get food instead.


12. Group projects are your personal hell because you actually have to pretend like you’re participating.


13. The only thing that gets you through each day is knowing that you’ll have some free time during the weekend.


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