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10 Ways to Survive Spring Break 2k15

Spring Break is right around the corner, and we’ve rounded up 10 ways for you to survive it! Be on the lookout for our Spring Break Survival Giveaway coming soon!

1.   Have that one friend whowill be your partner in crime.

2.       Know your limits.

3.       Swim suit cover ups are essential.

4.       General rule of life: don’t make out in public; whatever you do PDA is a no, always a no.

5.       Be sober enough to function. 

6.       Don’t be “THAT” girl…

7.    That hot guy that has already hooked up with your two friends, yeah try and stay away from him….

8.    Sunscreen is your friend, always.

9.   When swimming: don’t drown.

10.   Make sure there’s no REGRATS!







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