The 10 Best Mac Miller Songs of All Time

When Mac Miller passed away in September 2018, the rap and hip-hop community lost an original, talented and beautiful artist. No one was ready to let you go, Mac. His passing was not long after the release of his fifth studio album, Swimming. A year and a half later, while I was still quietly mourning every time I flip through his songs, it was announced that his posthumous album would be released, Circles, in 2020.

In honor of this beautiful album that all of his fans thought was not possible, I give you my (not exhaustive) take on Mac’s top 10 songs to date. (I'll save you my textual interpretation and let you listen for yourself.)

  1. 1. "ROS"

  2. 2. "Wings"

  3. 9. "2009"

  4. 10. "Surf"

  5. Okay, I couldn't choose only ten... but this one is for the K.I.D.S fans!