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Text Messaging During a Crisis

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCO chapter.

Technology has officially changed the world, as we know it. Twenty years ago, text messages were unheard of and cell phones were bigger than the bricks we use to build our houses today. While the technology changes have been viewed in a positive light, perhaps, in the mess of the text messaging, social networking, and emails, we as a people have forgotten our manners. Just last week, it was officially announced over all public networks that the search for Malaysian flight of MH370 was officially called off as there had been sightings of debris floating in the ocean. The tragic nature of this event has had a devastating effect on not only Malaysia but also the international community who helped scour the ocean and surrounding areas for the missing plane.




Those that were most affected by the news were the families of the survivors, all of whom had been waiting for days for any kind of news regarding their loved ones. When the search was called off, however, the families themselves received an even greater shock. Not one person was awarded the courtesy of a visit or even a simple phone call to notify them regarding the disappearance of flight MH370 and discovered wreckage. Instead, each of the families received a text message notifying them that the search had been called off. One man, waiting for news about his older sister aboard flight MH370 replied with “F— You”. Indeed, many of the other families who had been anxiously waiting for weeks for any news shared the same sentiments.  Thus, while one can argue (I myself included) that social networking and media has changed the world for the better, perhaps as a global community, we must look and see just how we use our media. Perhaps, then, we may understand that while text messaging may make mass communication easier to communicate with others, there is a time and place for everything.