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The Missing Malaysian Plane: MH370

One of the most hotly debated subjects appearing this year in international news is the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370. The debate over what caused this massive airliner to disappear ranges from arguments that airplane crashed in the ocean to it being an intentional act. Some have even gone so far to suggest that perhaps there was a suicide pact between the pilots that caused the plane to disappear. The answer to this perplexing situation, however, remains a mystery to even the Malaysian government official, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, who according to British newspaper, The Guardian, stated at a press conference  that they [the Malaysian Government Officials], “were equally puzzled” on the disappearance.


What is known, however, is that the plane itself was reported to have disappeared on March 8th, when its transmission signals were no longer being picked up by radar. This, authorities believe, signals one of two things: that either the plane itself crashed somewhere in its flight across the ocean or, even more mysterious, that someone (a co-pilot or passenger) was able to disengage the transmission device that alerts the airports where the plane is at any given time. If the latter is the case, then the disappearance would have been a planned event. Then, how was this performed and why would someone want an entire plane to disappear from the grid? It is these questions like this that authorities are struggling to understand and answer in the most thorough way possible.




Indeed, according to Aljazeera America, “The methodical shutdown of the communications systems… have been interpreted as suggesting strongly that foul play, rather than some kind of technical failure, was behind the disappearance.” If this is so, then the question remains as to why this took place. The theories are diverse and some, downright bizarre. One theory argues that the pilots had a suicide pact and followed through with it. Another, extreme, idea suggests terrorist involvement. Yet, despite the intense and diligient searches conducted by international officials, the question remains: What happened to flight MH370 and why did it disappear?



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