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How to Know If a Guy Is Really Interested

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCO chapter.

Ok, so sometimes a relationship ends suddenly and you are left feeling confused. Guys are easy to read, so here are some signs that he is going to end things.

  1. He barley texts you back: If he does text you back, they are one word answers. This means that whatever he is doing, it is more important than talking to you.
  2. Starts hanging out with the guys more: He would rather hang out with his guy friends. If he invites you to chill with his guy friends, then he ignores you and leaves you to fend for yourself.
  3. Your routine has changed: Every other night you guys would spend the night together. Now it’s only once per week, and his excuses as to why that is… vary.
  4. You catch him checking out other girls: This is the most obvious sign. If he is ready to break it off, he won’t worry about hurting your feelings. Guys can be selfish creatures, and they start to think with something other than their head… if you know what I mean.
  5. He ask if you can talk: After you have noticed all of the signs above, this sign is the grand finale! This is him breaking up with you, and at this point there is no reason to talk. Walk away and save yourself the misery of talking to him.

Remember to walk away with your head held high and don’t shed a tear in front of him. There are many hot men in this world who will appreciate all that you have to offer.