Campus Celebrity: Annelise Grygiel

As our school year winds down this week’s campus celebrity is Annelise Grygiel. She is a freshman here at UNCO, she is currently studying speech pathology but is going to be switching to special education. Annelise is from Montana and is very involved in hockey. When she was still in high school in Billings she played hockey for their local women’s league. Here on campus she is a member of the UNCO radio station. She has been a voice on the radio for hockey and football since early last September. Aside from being heavily involved with UNCO’s hockey team Annelise still finds time to cheer on and support her favorite NHL team, the Chicago Blackhawks. 

HC: Why did you decide to get involved with student radio?

Annelise: It seemed like a really cool organization and when I heard that I could broadcast hockey games I instantly fell in love with it!


HC: Are you getting paid for broadcasting these games?

Annelise: No. It is just a club that is here on campus.


HC: Do you have any specific events that you always broadcast?

Annelise: I mainly just broadcasted hockey, but I would sometimes help out with pregame football shows.


HC: Do you exclusively work with sports? If so which is your favorite sport to broadcast?

Annelise: Yes, I mainly work with only hockey or football. My favorite sport to broadcast is hockey, it really helps that I used to play hockey when I was in high school.

It was such a joy to interview Annelise this week for Campus Celebrity. After talking with Annelise I am finally able to understand hockey. Getting to talk to Annelise about hockey and UNCO’s Student Radio has really inspired some of us here at HerCampus to get involved with student radio also. Thank you so much Annelise for an amazing interview!